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SP and BSP uniting

Takeaways from Uttar Pradesh this polling season

The writer traveled to Amethi, Ayodhya, Gorakhpur and Varanasi and after interacting with the locals from different walks of society, he finds that not ony people have rejected NYAY but have also Mahagathbandhan.

Is SP-BSP Gathbandhan a mistake based on Pure Airthmetic?

Both SP and BSP parties are two different side of a coin, which was not supposed to be at one side, Both parties did hate politics for decades against each other.

Mahagathbandhan – ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ with quack quack here, there, everywhere

The irony is that the regional parties like BSP, SP, TMC etc., wants Mahagathbandhan without congress which congress wants to support because congress wants to defeat BJP.

BJP will definitely be down but is it out after the SP BSP alliance in UP?

In case the NDA does not get to power , we may see a Khichdi government at center and subsequent polls as the Khichdi government may not long last.

Is Akhilesh Yadav the real force behind the Congress’ Priyanka move?

Giving an official role to Priyanka is a tactical move with an immediate goal to create hurdles for Mayawati while having almost no impact on Akhilesh.

क्या झूठ बोलकर राहुल गाँधी मोदी को हरा पाएंगे?

अगर राहुल गाँधी या कोई और नेता ऐसा समझता है कि बेबुनियाद आरोपों को पूरी बेशर्मी के साथ बार-बार दोहराने से उसे सत्ता मिल सकती है, तो अभी भी ३-४ महीने का समय बाकी है-राहुल गाँधी ऐसे झूठे आरोप लगाने के लिए पूरी तरह आज़ाद हैं.

SP is the low hanging fruit for BSP after entry of Shivpal into UP fray

Instead of opposing or abusing Narendra Modi or BJP, Mayawati must exploit the present opportunity in UP and must grow her political stature and relevance.

Mahagathbandhan at national level is not going to be an easy run

It isn’t a guarantee that an alliance will necessarily work in 2019.

Phulpur- Gorakhpur could be a blessing in disguise for BJP, if only…

After Congress, BJP needs to take regional political parties as a strong opposition.

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