Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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A Dilliwala, first and last and always !!

Condolence message- Delhi BJP

The father of second wave of Khalistan Arvind Kejriwal, is ruling Delhi deploying most hateful means of lies and deception bordering on anti-Hindu rhetoric, be it appeasement of one particular community to win Delhi elections as was evident in active involvement of his cadres in the anti Hindu progrom in Delhi as an aftermath of hateful anti- CAA protest.

Is Akhilesh Yadav the real force behind the Congress’ Priyanka move?

Giving an official role to Priyanka is a tactical move with an immediate goal to create hurdles for Mayawati while having almost no impact on Akhilesh.

Will our academia be ever free of hypocrite liberals?

The seats of intellectual openness have become stifled where dissent is shouted down as saffronization and fascism by the left liberals.

Mr. Roy is it really the tabloidization that troubles you?

NDTV has enjoyed dominance for so long that now it is unable to acknowledge the newer forms of media

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