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Condolence message- Delhi BJP

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A Dilliwala, first and last and always !!

My heartfelt condolence to all BJP voters in Delhi on passing away of the glorious tradition of struggle and working at the grassroot in Delhi BJP.

I am shattered and disappointed beyond words at the passing away of these essential qualities leaving dedicated BJP voters bereft of any political choice to make their voice heard. A rather meek dissolution of what once used to be a party lionized by likes of Madan Lal Khurana, Sahib Singh Verma, B L Sharma Prem, Charti Lal Goel, Jagdish Mukhi and Sahab Singh Chauhan. A steady decline in political health that has started with the appointment of O P Kohli and worsened under the lacklustre leadership of many successive Delhi BJP presidents, barring a brief period when it was under treatment of Dr. Harshvardhan, has finally managed to consume this once glorious state unit of BJP.

The father of second wave of Khalistan Arvind Kejriwal, is ruling Delhi deploying most hateful means of lies and deception bordering on anti-Hindu rhetoric, be it appeasement of one particular community to win Delhi elections as was evident in active involvement of his cadres in the anti Hindu progrom in Delhi as an aftermath of hateful anti- CAA protest or now when he has become Sevadaar of fanatics from another community who are feeling emboldened enough to run amok and cause havoc in our national capital Delhi, the very municipality which Mr. Kejriwal shamelessly proclaimed as his own private property, just so that he can get their votes in upcoming election in a state where this very community makes for a majority. In these very depressing times when the core voter of BJP is expecting its state unit to effectively counter and name and shame this abhorrent AAP government, we learnt of passing away of Delhi BJP’s courage and connection to its core values, by way of its complete disappearing and surrendering act. It leaders who once used to march in the street hand in hand with the masses to raise the voice of the people and push nationalistic ideology are now happy driving in big SUVs and content being social media watchers. Where is the gherao of Kejriwal asking why is he supporting demands to make burning stubble a birth right thus making Delhi a Gas chamber? Where are the bandhs and dharna against AAPs active support to Khalistan elements in the garb of supporting farmers? Where are those state leaders who would call out the lies an canards of AAP on social media platform, TV studios and most importantly on the street ?

Alas, I did not expect it to come to this pass that one will not even feel any sense of sadness at this demise, it was in the offing for sometime.

However, the core supporter and people who look forward to Narendra Modi and India under his watch, living in Delhi, are feeling utterly helpless and orphaned at this hapless turn of events.

Due to the immense faith in Hindu belief and consequently belief in reincarnation, I will hope that the courage and fighting spirit will take a rebirth. Until such time, praying for a day when the Delhi BJP leaders will get off the shoulder of Modi and Shah and start doing some heavy lifting themselves.

Until that time,

Om Shanti Om !

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A Dilliwala, first and last and always !!
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