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Mahagathbandhan – ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ with quack quack here, there, everywhere

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The regional parties are moving from congress alliance to SP-BSP to Mamata Banarjee to TRS + BJD to what not, reminds people of India about the beautiful kindergarten rhyme ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ and that had a duck with quack quack here, and a quack quack there, here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack quack.

Kumarasamy, the present Chief Minister of Karnataka justifying Mamata Banarjee, the chief minister of West Bengal as the most suited candidate for Prime Minister-ship and simultaneously wants Rahul Gandhi to lead the force as its PM face, Akilesh assuring his support to Maya as Prime Minister if needed, DMK wants Rahul Gandhi to lead the opposition as its Prime Minster face and then taking part in Mamata’s rally claiming silence owing to the different situation in West Bengal and recently the person who was discarded as unwanted and non-usable by BJP, Yashwant Sinha bubbling out his aspiration for PM post; all have caused more confusion and chaos than any clarity to the Indian voters.

In the MacDonalds’ farm there was only one duck which was moving around making quack quack here, there and everywhere. But in India there are so many parties like many ducks if the farm had. Then the old MacDonald could not say which duck is where as the ducks would be moving everywhere. Only one thing Donald could have heard is the loud quack quack sound of several ducks.

People of India should not reduce India to a farm of duck.

The opposition parties have only one agenda that is Narendra Modi should not comeback as Prime Minister of India because he is acting against corruption, dynastic politics and nepotism.   Further he is also developing the nation, uplifting the poor which goes against the ‘existence philosophy’ of most of the opposition parties as they need poor people, poverty and caste division to play politics and use such cards to gather vote.

All these ducks have realized one thing that they want to keep BJP away from power at the centre and simultaneously also want to finish congress. When congress is finished, then their fight would be with the national party- BJP. Knowingly or due to compulsion, Congress appears to have fallen victim to own predators and hunters.

If congress wants to remain as a strong national party, it must break and weaken the opposition unity but in fact congress is working to strengthen the regional forces. Emergence of regional politics is not good for the ethos of one India.

Congress with its present leader, the great dynast does not have great future and only way it can comeback in a combating mode is by weakening the regional parties otherwise the regional parties will completely eat the space of congress.

The irony is that the regional parties like BSP, SP, TMC etc., wants Mahagathbandhan without congress which congress wants to support because congress wants to defeat BJP. The JDS with least number of MLA’s is ruling Karnataka with the large heart of congress but it wants to be a part of Mahagathbandhan, devoid of congress.

DMK that wants Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister face of the united opposition parties wants to be part of another Mahagathbandhan without congress. TDP which experiments its fortune with congress and failed miserably in the recently held election in Telengana is now playing safe not to partner with congress in 2019.

It is not the BJP, the congress must worry a lot about Mahagathbandhan. If congress is not willing to learn from its defeat and realize the danger that it is in the hands of its predators and hunters (the regional parties) and congress does not demolish their political aspiration of all those regional parties, congress may dig its own dooms day.

If congress contest alone and oppose both BJP and regional parties, even if congress fail to come to power this time but still it can retain its national identity and in distant future, the party can fulfill the dream and birth right of its last emperor to become Prime Minister of India – ONE DAY.

Most of the regional parties are moving around like liquid which will move and spread wherever it can fill and stay together. None of the regional parties have any agenda except capture power.  Only one thing that keeps them moving from pillar to post is power to loot the nation and oppose and defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi as they’re badly scared of him. Congress having played significant role in freedom struggle should not become a pawn in the hands of regional forces and dig its own grave yard.

Need of the hour for the congress is not about defeating Narendra Modi but defeat regional forces that are eating and eroding the space of congress. Congress also must expose the hypocrisy of DMK by demanding entire 39 parliamentary seats as the DMK president claimed that the aspiration of people of Tamil Nadu is Rahul Gandhi to be the Prime Minister of India. Such opportunity also would give DMK to dilute its anti-Brahmin brand politics.

People of India must ask they want stabile, development centric, sab ka vikas governance or destruction of India. Narendra Modi led BJP must come back to power with massive majority in 2019 and only then India will be safe. Hope India voters will vote for development and sab ka vikas.

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