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Ram mandir is a fight between a ‘culture of vandalism’ and a ‘culture of creativity’

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Important question is not if Rama existed or not. No, I am not in business of proving his existence nor I want to stop you from using the word ‘myth’ for him. For me, important question is why are YOU so troubled with my faith in Rama and on my act of worshiping him and reciting his name? What troubles you? And why are you justifying an act of vandalism done by some power-hungry guy a century back?

I had a temple, a beautiful place for worshiping Rama, a reality for me, a myth for you, who cares. A man named Babur comes and destroys it and put his idea of God on top of mine and asks me to adopt his lifestyle. This act of destruction, vandalism and forcing me to live his way of life is itself a biggest crime and the guy must be punished for this. His acts must be undone. Isn’t this a natural justice? If your idea of justice doesn’t conform to this simple common sense, its time to learn some basics of human rights.

I have faith in Rama. I feel that reciting his name does bring happiness in my life. And I don’t disturb you while doing so. You believe in some other God, please do so. If you don’t believe in God, please do so. I am not interested in forcing my faith of Rama on you. If you come to me, I may try to explain it to the extent I can. If you like it, great! If you don’t like it, great! That’s the way individuals and a society co-exist without interfering in each other life style.


Now someone someday comes and destroys my temple, my place of faith. Who is at fault? It’s me who is living a life without disturbing you or the guy who wants to destroy my life style just because his belief doesn’t conform mine and he wants to rule me? If your law books and experts start asking me about the reasoning of worshipping Rama and the basis of his existence and 100 other questions and finds me guilty for having such faith then all you are doing is justifying an act of vandalism.

Babur happens to be a muslim but he doesn’t represent Islam. If you have honoured him as a representative of islam then Islam will be seen as a culture of destruction and vandalism. If his destruction is your Holy place, then your idea of holiness is very unholy and negative. But I hope it’s not. I think Babur did all killings and destructions out of his own greed, ego and power. He represented none of us but his own inner self. If he would have happened to be a christian, he would have constructed church on top of temple and So its just his notion of authority and power he tried to impose on others. If we let him win, the culture of vandalism will win. And Believe me, it has nothing to do with minority rights because Babur represents ‘idea of destruction’ and not a faith.

We are asking nothing from you. We don’t even want you to believe my way of life. We just want you not to interfere in my life. If you keep on doing so then I have to stand against you one day. Till date, I have only believed in culture of creativity. The faith I follow has created hundreds of contradictory life styles, thousands of God, thousands different methods to realise the peace of mind but all these co-exist. I am not here to destroy yours. In fact, I will appreciate you if you have some beautiful creation but stop justifying this act of vandalism.


Reconstruction of Rama Temple doesn’t signify the ‘Making of Hindu Rastra’ but it reaffirms that no temples, no mosques, no churches will be destroyed ever and if anyone dares to, we will fight against them and get it constructed back. It’s about our faith and conviction in Co-existence, in no-Interference theory and in a Culture of creativity and not vandalism.

And to our liberal elites – Sir, We don’t want a mosque to be destroyed and then proceed with a proposal of hospital to be constructed there. We want ‘The Mosque’ there. I hope I have given you enough reason and a simple example to which you can connect better for agreeing with me.

A Common Indian (a Hindu)

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