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Fan club of the dynast proved its culture by calling Prime Minister Dengue mosquito, Scorpion and Neech, Impotent

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Millions of people in India and across the world love democratically elected Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Indeed their love for Narendra Modi is unconditional and it is due to the exemplary leadership character of his who has transformed India and have achieved Sab Ka Vikas. At the same time many corrupt Netas also hate him obviously due to their lack of opportunity to engage in corrupt practices and loot our nation.

But the dynast is quite different from either of the group of people who hate or love Narendra Modi.

The dynast loves the haters of PM Modi and further the dynast also wants people to abuse PM Modi with filthiest language possible. The daughter of Shinde calling India’s PM Dengue spreading mosquito, Manishankar Iyer due to his Bhraminical superiority calling PM Modi ‘Neech’, the great Salman Khurshid referring him impotent and now the self-advertised and self-promoted ‘Shakespeare of English’ calling him a ‘scorpion’ has reduced Indian politics where several congress leaders are working hard for cheap publicity and media attention by abusing our Honourable Prime Minister.

The diplomatic and technical silence of the dynast over such wretched statements of his party people for cheap publicity proves that the dynast love people only those who hate and abuse Narendra Modi.

The people of India must note the fact that how the dynast and his sycophants are mocking, ridiculing and reducing the standard of Indian politics and how they are making the most respectable office of Prime Minister of India for their cheap popularity. Congress doesn’t deserve any pardon and hence people of India must reduce congress to single digit in 2019 election from its present position.

No political leader and no elected Prime Minister of any country had suffered such abuse and criticism like PM Modi and the simple reason is he is focusing on development of India.


According to the dynast, it may be a great sin and crime that PM Narendra Modi is acting against corruption, focusing on development and sab ka vikas, providing cooking gas connection to millions of poor people in village, building toilets, drinking water facility, bringing them to banking system etc. The family of the dynast has never thought of India.

It looks like from the Nehru’s period onward, the family was interested only ensuring the next member of the family to become the Prime Minister of India so that the dynastic culture is set and established. To avoid all possible challenges, the dynast was careful to craft a coterie of sycophants and yes people and appeared to have provided all undue benefits to the sycophants and fan club of the family to remain so. It appears why several so called scholars and so called intellectuals have suddenly mushroomed to the surface and abuse Narendra Modi doubtlessly point towards the possibility that all of them have lost their perks when the dynasty was thrown out by PM Modi.

Indian mythology and world history has shown that all those great spiritual, political and reformist leaders born to reform and develop the country and the world were abused, criticized and mocked by the so called pseudo-intellect and dynastic powerhouse. What PM Modi suffers today is jealous, vengeance, lack of opportunity to engage in corruption by all those dynastic parties and corrupt Netas.


People of India are clear and vigilant about all these negative forces. To save India and to develop our nation and achieve sab ka vikas, people have made up their mind that BJP must continue in 2019 and beyond. The dynastic forces must be prevented from destroying India any further.

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