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Naxals in Bollywood and their problems with Narendra Modi

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Writer,Indie Filmmaker from Mumbai

As a common citizen of India I was aware of the term Naxal as someone who are fighting for their rights, their land, only after filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri’s Buddha In A Traffic Jam came into picture, a well researched film on the Naxals and leftists. One understands that the whole Naxal thing is just a keep poor lacking basic amenities, use them and fulfill their agenda of capturing the Indian state by armed violence.

As the film became a reference point to understand the basic tactics of leftists in educational institutions across India, the new term #UrbanNaxals came into picture. General educated Indians were never aware that anyone next to them can be #UrbanNaxal, an ideology which is more dangerous than terrorism coming from Imran Khan’s Pakistan.

I was always a supporter of Narendra Modi, not because of the ideology ,not because of the advertisement, not because of the choice, just because I can clearly see his intentions of making India a strong country. The man who talks about together all, development for all.

On achievement of 4 years of successful government, I happened to shot a short video  #MyPrimeMinisterModi. Almost on zero budget just to showcase the achievement of the government, as development for all. After I started sharing the video on my twitter timeline, requesting every supporter to share and give feedback, I was overwhelmed by the support and love, off course there is a hidden desire to showcase my directorial skill and get appreciated for it. I noticed a few people from the industry whom I was proud that I have good rapport, started going silent on interaction with me. It never really affected me as I know I am nobody and their contact with me was an honour for me.

I was writing a scrip for a long. I can say it as my dream project marking my entry into the so called Bollywood. I was promised by this producer for the fund after he heard my story and my intentions of making a great festival film. It was my dream to represent country in international festivals, as this is what fascinates me.

What follows after is really disturbing for me, during summers the producer refused to meet me saying he is abroad. Then busy and finally putting his hands up. I took it as a bad fate which is normal for strugglers like me to think and blame fate. Few days back, I learned from a trusted friend that it all happened for a video I shot appreciating the government, appreciating Narendra Modi. I never thought this far that this would upset someone from the film Industry, someone who does not want to upset people in the industry.

For the moment I cursed myself for making such video and losing an opportunity. Next moment I refuse to part with my ideology of nation building and supporting the right people for it. I took it as another opportunity to continue struggle. Look at the life of Narendra Modi,he got  all, abuse, humiliation, loneliness. But with right intention he is able to take India to next level and will do so for years to come. I am strong now, life goes on.

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Writer,Indie Filmmaker from Mumbai
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