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Naxals in Bollywood and their problems with Narendra Modi

Be watchful! You may get rejected in Bollywood if you support Narendra Modi.

The double standards of Bollywood over Padmavati and freedom of speech

Bollywood's selective outrage on Padmavati, which was otherwise against the movie 'Buddha in a traffic jam'.

Why Underworld doesn’t sell anymore

Now underworld doesn't create any fascination amongst the audience. Read why.

A thug in mask of an honest man

Politics of this Thug clearly indicates that he is not made for politics, he is only doing it for power, money, and fulfilling the 'kill India' agenda.

Film criticism – kya se kya ho gaya – how the trade of movie reviews has fallen

Film reviews have changed their tone, purpose, and goals. The business is something else now.

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