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A thug in mask of an honest man

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Writer,Indie Filmmaker from Mumbai

‘Thug’ is not a film to be released nor a book I am referring to. What does come in your mind when you hear the word ‘Thug’? Think again, be honest, you will see an idiot who fooled people from Ghaziabad to Delhi and so on, Yes you are right, I am talking about the Delhi Thug who fooled crores of Delhi people simultaneously and developed his own den of corruption, crime, Media, NGOs.

India has never seen such a con artist before. The way this Thug is doing politics clearly shows this thief is not made for politics, he is only doing it for power, money, and fulfilling the ‘kill India’ agenda of Pakistan and other enemies. Can you imagine what made this Thug to oppose Indian Army and Demonetization? The way he questioned Indian Army and speaks in the voice of terrorist Hafiz Saeed, clearly shows the anti India agenda of this con. Thug didn’t stop here, he came in politics with the idea and solution to end black money, and when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Demonetization, a step to put an end to black money, this Thug went speechless for 2days, why? What happened? Was he recovering from the sudden trauma, sudden pain of losing black money acquired in cash from contractors and ticket distribution in Punjab? When he finally speaks on Demonetization, he did the same he is famous for, ‘SH*T’. Even this is also a record in itself. No country in past would have seen such a politician with filthy and sh**ty mouth.

Opposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi has  become opposing India for this Thug. Delhi people who voted him are jittery, feeling  kicking their own ass, waiting for an opportunity to kick him and the next election will prove that. People in India are not living in fools’ paradise and understand the anti Modi and anti India agenda of this thug elections in Punjab and Goa will give a clear message to this thief, and my gut feeling says that there will be an end to Kejriwal style of politics of sh*t by 2018.

The above words are a frustration of a common guy, If you are a supporter of this thug and are offended, then be it.

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Writer,Indie Filmmaker from Mumbai
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