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Meaning of word ‘discipline’ in the dictionary of opposition is ‘autocracy’- Know why

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PM Modi was absolutely right that many neo-intellectuals and the so called liberals in India love to describe and portray the efforts of the government to ask for ‘discipline’ and minimum level of ‘responsibility’ from the citizens as autocratic, undemocratic and arrogant act.

What India witness today is nothing but the abuse of democracy, nuking freedom of speech and attempts to destabilize the country. All such evil actions of the so called liberals and neo-intellectuals must be encouraged and appreciated otherwise you may be branded as autocratic.

Let us understand the meaning and importance of disciple in a clearer manner.

Recently a person was diagnosed to suffer from non-insulin dependent diabetic mellitus. His blood sugar was spiraling up at an alarming level. He was given all required medications with strict, disciplined and uncompromising diet restrictions. But his urge and temptations towards food surged him to breach the discipline and sacrilege the diet restrictions he was told to follow. Within a few months of diagnosis, his kidney failed and subsequently developed cardiac problems, become burden to himself and to the rest and finally died. The question is can a diabetic patient justifies his freedom to eat whatever he likes and eat indiscriminately and then can he remain healthy? Should he not follow strict diet discipline?

A boy was months away from appearing his plus two board exam. He was intelligent but was highly indiscipline in his studies. The boy was too ambitious to study in IIT. Due to his poor studies and lack of discipline in his education could not even secure good marks in his plus two exam let alone other competitive exams. Today the boy is working as clerk in a private company and all those friends whom he used to rate as average have reached high position and have completed coveted degree courses. Can a student afford to be indiscipline in his studies?

Let us assume if we have gone to a house to take part in condolence, will crack jokes, pull each other and mock the air over there or exhibit reasonable discipline and observe silence? Can we afford to say it is our freedom to make noise and be loud in the condolence meeting or we follow high level of discipline and self-restrain?

Will we go to our work whichever the time we choose to go or we will go at the time prescribed by the company? If we breach the office timing and relay upon our democratic rights, will the company entertain us or would sack us?

In the name of democracy and freedom of speech if the anti-social elements and anarchists tend to destabilize the country that is being taken to the path of development by PM Modi, can we entertain all such elements or should we deal them firmly with law of the land?

People should know the value and meaning of democracy. Will all those liberals try to showcase their birth right over freedom of speech in Islamic countries as most of such liberals claim they are the only bonafied saviours of secularism and minority community?

Discipline comes with decency and culture. Decency and culture brings patriotism. Abuse of discipline and sacrilege of decency no country on earth can define or tolerate as part of freedom of speech or democratic right.

All those evil forces that are attacking the democratically elected government are actually destroying India. When they have cared for India should be the question we should ask?

Today they are fighting Pm Modi because he is developing the country and soon he would achieve Sab Ka Vikas.   Discipline alone would bring development and not indiscipline. Culture alone can inculcate decency and patriotism.   The PM is invoking patriotism not for votes but for nation building.

Discipline is not only important in our private life but also in our public discourse and conduct. If we breach the above, the Government has to exercise law of land to put things in order. We should never view such an act as autocratic. If we call such an act as autocratic means, then law, justice system and public order must go as subservient to rogues, evil forces and those antisocial elements and such elements would force our society to gracefully accept and accommodate the acts of all such nefarious forces as part of freedom of speech and democratic right.

Hope the new generation will understand the importance of New India as envisaged by the PM Modi and hope they will stand behind him and support him in 2019.

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