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Hindu Pakistan – An Oxymoron

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Speak for Nationalist Rationale ! Without fear or favour. Masters in History & Economics, graduate of Law..! Politics, international politics, strategic and security issues are subjects of interest..

There has been a slew of offensive and denigrating terms employed by various political parties and leaders recently. Hindu Pakistan, Hindu Taliban, Hindu Terrorism, Saffron Terror.

All these emanate from a singular thought process which is obsessed with the rise of BJP as the dominant political party in the country to the extent that it occupies the pole position, erstwhile the legacy of Congress.

BJP hasn’t really tried to hide its politics in the garb of secularism ever since it came into being in the 1980s or its predecessor Jan Sangh did either. It has stood for distinct Cultural Nationalism as enunciated by its mother Organisation, the RSS.

After 1984 drubbing at the hustings, BJP under LK Advani embarked on the Hindutva Rath to counter the Psuedo-Secular character of the Congress and its hegemonic domination of the electoral politics in India. The results were astounding from mere 02 seats in LokSabha to an amazing 89 Numbers.

BJP or it’s earlier avatar Jan Sangh was always Right of the Centre. Their worldview and politics shaped by RSS believed in the restoration of Ancient Bharat as the ideal state. Where everyone born in India was a Bharatiya, an innate Indianness which associated itself with the cultural ethos of Bharat.

Foreign influence through centuries of invasions, the Islamic conquest of Bharat had deprived India of its cultural moorings, its way of life threatened over a Millennia of Muslim conquests had played an important role in the formulation of politics of BJP as well as the roots of RSS. Most of the BJP members are former Swayamsewaks, Pracharaks on loan from RSS, the umbilical cord has nurtured the present and past generations of BJP.

Hence, the strident view on the assertion of Bharatiya or Indianness rather than some vague Western concept of secularism, which wants the State to be neutral in matters of religion. However, it has remained in theory as Congress which ruled the country for the maximum years has played a not so subtle game of vote bank and appeasement politics in name of secularism. It was this hoax which was called off by BJP led by an Advani-Atal combine in the 1990s. The Ram Mandir Movement was the ultimate game changer, the consolidation of Hindu votes despite Caste fissures was no mean achievement considering the OBC cauldron commenced by the United Front govt of VP Singh.

BJP throughput its existence has asserted that Rights of the Majority cannot be sacrificed at the alter of Minoritysm. Everyone must have an equal right to the resources of the nation. In Narendra Modi, it found resuscitation, a new brand of politics which was founded on the Gujarat Model of development. As CM of Gujarat, Modi had consistently performed above his peers both in Congress and the BJP. His elevation rejuvenated the BJP as it strode to the First Majority govt in 30 years since Rajiv Gandhi rode the Indira Wave.

Modi, faced the slur of Gujarat 2002 Riots but it has worked as a force multiplier in his favour as Hindu strongman rather than bog him down. His politics post 2014 Elections has been Statesman like. His slogan of SabkaSaath- SabkaVikas has been received with some scepticism by his political opponents trying to poke holes in the difference between theory and practice.

The BJP hasn’t lost many major elections other than Bihar to the Mahagathbandhan or the Delhi election to the AAP.
For the first time in the history of Indian democracy, RSS occupies the all the top three positions of power in the country from President, Vice President to the Prime Minister. It rules in 20 States.

Opposition has railed and railed against the BJP but hasn’t been able to dent the aura of its principal Mass Leader. And hence a shrillness surrounds us, in form of Mob Lynchings, Dalit atrocities, Violation Of Civil Rights, Minority bashing and the most insidious attempts at painting an entire Religion as Terrorists.

Starting with Sushil Shinde, who coined the term Saffron Terror to Chidambaram, who equated it to Hindu Taliban, to Hindu Terror most blatantly and we the suave yet brazenly lying Shashi Tharoor talking of a HinduPakistan.

These are primarily laments of a loser, ramblings of the distraught, distraught at the fact that Congress has lost its pre eminence space in the political world of Indian democracy.

These thoughts are the last ditch attempt by the Breaking India Forces who led by Church in India, the Communist intelligentsia and the Wahhabi monies have let loose their minions to articulate the obscene as truth. The very idea of HinduPakistan or HinduTaliban is repugnant to the Hindu thought, there’s nothing like a Talibanisque concept in the entire historical evolution of Sanatan Dharma, better known as Hinduism by the votaries.

Hindus believe in Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, the World is a Family, there’s no concept of Darul Uloom or Darul Harb, where Kaffirs live and are not entitled to the same rights as the Momin.

The influence of Church is damaging as it is dictated by the powers that reside outside India, specifically the Vatican and the various Churches in the USA. The census of 2011 is damning in itself, Hindus for the first time has fallen below 80%. And shockingly, the figures don’t even tell the true story. It’s a known fact that Church in Kerala, TN and Andhra Pradesh wields enough influence to ask its flock to vote for particular political parties. There has been massive Conversions in these States to the nature of altering the religious demographics in the coastal districts of TN and Andhra Pradesh.

Kerala is flushed with both Church and Wahhabi Monies. It’s the money which is doing the talking for the likes of Shashi Tharoor and Chidambaram, the influence that the Church has in these States hasn’t been recognised by the country.

The very idea of Dravid Nadu is the culmination of the efforts of the Church in South India, the Preserver Of Cultural Heritage Of Sanatan Dharma.

These terms have their origin in the history of Missionaries in South which was adepted by the Atheist DMK and its offshoots in the garb of anti Brahminism. These Un Indian thoughts emanate from the zeal of Christianity which while losing adherents in West has concentrated on Asia in general and India in particular in new Millennium.

Neo Buddhism has fallen prey to the callings of the Church , it’s dominated by the Maoists who have found the Muslims as ready partners in new force of Dalit-Muslim unity as a counter to the Hindu reassertion which for the first time in 2014 overcame its Caste divisions to catapult BJP as the Single Majority govt in 30 years.

It’s not the terms which agitate our country it’s the Thought behind these articulations which pose an imminent threat to the Country. The laments of loser are not without design, they are well thought out conspiracies to undo the historical Unity achieved by the Hindus in 2014 General Elections.

It’s Time to bring in comprehensive Anti Conversion laws in consonance with the UN Resolution Of 2007.

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Speak for Nationalist Rationale ! Without fear or favour. Masters in History & Economics, graduate of Law..! Politics, international politics, strategic and security issues are subjects of interest..
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