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Celebrating surgical strike day: “रस्म-ए-शहादत”

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In the wee hours of September 29, 2016 Indian Army announced that it had conducted surgical strikes across the LOC destroying the terrorist launch pads and inflicting significant casualties. Our DGMO (Indian Director General of Military Operations) briefed the press further informing that they had received “very credible and specific information” about “terrorist teams” who were preparing to “carry out infiltration and conduct terrorist strikes inside Jammu and Kashmir and in various metros in other states”. The Indian action was meant to pre-empt their infiltration.

The surgical strike was a befitting response. It was a display of what our army is capable of, a message that terrorism and its support will not be tolerated by India even if it is from across the borders and more so that the response to terrorism will not come in form of condemnation (KADI NINDA) but solid punitive action will be taken by India to punish the perpetrators.

The operation was smoothly conducted and there were no casualties on the Indian side.

Surgical strikes came as a response to the Uri Terrorist Attack.

11 days before the surgical strikes, Indian soldiers were attacked in Uri, which many believe was the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in the last two decades. Nineteen Indian soldiers were martyred and this attack was the tipping point for India. India called off its participation in the Islamabad SAARC summit and there was all round “KADI NINDA” which might have frustrated the Indian populace which wanted to see a real response to terrorism which came on 29 September.

Earlier that year in January 2016, seven soldiers were martyred in the Pathankot attack by terrorists backed by Pakistan. Indian agencies promptly investigated and also invited Pak delegation to provide proof that the attack was conducted by Pak infiltrators. Reports claimed that the terrorists who carried out the attack in Pathankot were in regular touch with their handlers and that the two phone numbers to which calls were made by the attackers were from Pakistan.

Every Indian was full of pride for their forces and admired the courage and valor of forces. At the same time, Indian government was also lauded for no nonsense approach in this matter and backing the forces to the hilt for this operation.

Shameful political reactions: These strikes also exposed the political class of India. Many opposition parties were clueless on how to react and rather than praising the army they started to cast aspersions on this operation. Some reactions to quote were outright shameful and were a direct attack on the morale of our brave hearts and questioned their integrity and sacrifices:

  • Many leaders of the Chief Opposition Parties of India called the strikes “FAKE”
  • Some said it was called an “Unnecessary chest thumping charade”
  • A Delhi politician’s statement was exactly what terror state Pak could have hoped for and “demanded that the proofs be furnished by Army”
  • Left leaders called Surgical Strike as a “Small Tactic” which failed to counter terrorism in the valley
  • Even prior to the surgical strikes when we were recovering from the losses of Pathankot and Uri attack rampant politics was being done on compensation being provided to martyrs by state governments.

Celebrating our heroes:

It was with this background I had penned the below lines titled “Rasm-e-Shahadat” from the perspective of our soldiers and forces:


बिस्मील को महबूब वतन पर फना की तालीम रहे
तेरी शान अजमत-ए-हिंद हर जर्रा सलामत रहे

कीमत ना लगा ए वतन शहीदो जानिसारो की
आबाद रहे तू ये आजादी ही मेरी अमानत रहे

सुबूत की तोहमत न दे इस जिस्म खाक-ए-फानी को
हम तो है खैर है दीवाने क्यो तुझे ये जहालत रहे

पांसबा कुर्बान हुए जिसकी हिफाझत के सबब, उस,
हमवतन की नजर मे क्यो हर वक्त सियासत रहे

रुखसत करो प्यारे वतन भरकर निगाहो मे सुरूर
कफन हिंद का परचम हो ये रस्म-ए-शहादत रहे

रिहा ना कर रूह को इस सरजमी से ए खुदा
जन्नत मुझे ये मुल्क है इतनी गर इनायत रहे

As citizens of India, it’s our duty to honor and ensure the pride of our forces. I was delighted to read that the government has declared 29th Sept as “SURGICAL STRIKE DAY” and that University Grants Commission (UGC) suggested that celebrations to be conducted in universities in the honor of our forces.

However, I was appalled when I read that some politicians, urban naxals, some sections of media and intelligentsia were opposing the idea of celebrating the valor our forces.

In fact, Surgical Strike Day should also be also celebrated in schools, offices and private establishments as a mark of our gratitude towards our Armed Forces.


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