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An enigma called the RSS pracharak

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I am into the Biophama Industry! In my spare time I do “junk reading” on anything I lay my hands on, from Politics to Sports to Pop Sociology& Psychology.

Unlike most Indian politicians especially tutored under the Congress culture of sycophancy, Family rule and corruption for 60 years- political leaders who have risen through the ranks of the Sangh Parivaar or the RSS, maintain a Spartan life. They do not amass or leave as inheritance huge proportions of wealth, for their offspring, have no sons or daughters to inherit their political legacy, never ever try to create a business empire or have incomes and property in foreign locales and destinations. It is a testimony to the success of the RSS way of thinking of “Hindu Nationalism” imbibed by the RSS Pracharks who are deputed to the BJP- the most famous being PM Narendra Modi- and former PM AB Vajpayee -that these leaders have never created a “family clique” of ambitious business/ political off spring. This is kind of an outlier in Indian politics.

From the  DMK whose patriarch Karunanidhi or Kaliagnar who recently passed away and has bequeathed the entire party on a platter to his sons/daughters and extended family, to the redoubtable Congress party which is run by a bunch of Nehru dynasts that too by an Italian Sonia Gandhi and her son “by all means an incompetent political scion” in Rahul Gandhi, to the TDP in Andhra Pradesh where the CM Chandrababu Naidu is in the process of grooming his US-educated son Nara Lokesh to the hot seat of Chief Minister.

In neighboring Telangana the CM, fondly know as KCR has his son and daughter both as an MLA and MP in important govt/ministerial posts. Similar is the case with the Congress party and all its adjutants, the Christian dominated Kerala congress- run by Mani and his son Jose K Mani, the other splinter groups of the Congress in Kerala which acts on the whims and fancies of the Christian Churches of all denominations in Kerala. The IUML led by the Thangal family at the most promotes their own family members as MPs, Ministers and what not. Come to Maharashtra we have the Sharad Pawar clan with nephew and daughter running the NCP, similar is the case with Shiva Sena. And we have the SP in Uttar Pradesh where Akhilesh Yadav and his family runs the roost and the party.

The RSS remains an enigma in the sense it continuously produces and provides choice to India, and its people with towering political personalities like former PM Vajypayee and current PM Narendra Modi. Both of them were elected at times of “great crisis of governance in India”. Whereas PM Vajpayee was not re-elected in 2004 despite a stellar performance with regards to jobs, economy and infrastructure. What the Indian people voted for- perhaps the greatest political mistake that Indians as a whole could commit. For 10 years from 2004-2014, was a Congress dispensation led by a Sonia Gandhi- Manmohan Singh which was arguably “one the most corrupt, inefficient, inertia driven government that India had ever experienced”.

Those 10 years was India’s lost decade. I am sure PM Narendra Modi for the person he is- and the reason why he is despised by minority fundamentalist groups and individuals “wearing the mask of liberals”- has clearly analyzed the causes for that defeat of Vajpayee in 2004. He is determined not to repeat it in 2019. Those fake “Facebook warrior liberals” who had always considered Vajpayee a pariah and BJP Sanghi, today have changed plates because they believe “Vajpayee like persona” could easily be competed against and defeated in 2019. Thus the constant comparison between Narendra Modi and Vajpayee is made.

My dear “hypocrites” 2019 is not 2004 and PM Narendra Modi is not AB Vajpayee. Both belong to the table of the RSS but are different personalities, because all RSS pracharks do imbibe the common ideology of “Hindu Nationalism” but are allowed to develop their own line of thought and personality.

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I am into the Biophama Industry! In my spare time I do “junk reading” on anything I lay my hands on, from Politics to Sports to Pop Sociology& Psychology.
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