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This is how Sonia Gandhi led Congress preparing for the 2019 elections

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General Elections for the 17th Lok Sabha are fast approaching. General elections will coincide with assembly elections in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh. Before that we will have elections to four state assemblies: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram. Some more states like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Jammu and Kashmir may join the list.

In all we will have a crucial General Election and elections to at least 8 assemblies.

By now Right Wingers have well realized the importance of a majority in Rajya Sabha which is directly proportional to majorities in various state assemblies. Hence victory in these assemblies along with a thumping majority in Lok Sabha is very crucial for Modi and India alike.

Some say the whole Indian Civilization depends on Modi’s victory in these polls.

Supremo’s many Brahmhastras: She has at least 12-15 Brahmhastra’s to destroy Modi’s vote bank across multiple levels.

Some Brahmhastra’s though difficult, are still in the realm of possibility, and she will readily adopt most of them.

  1. Hoodwink Indian Muslims and Christians by scaring the living daylights out of them and make them believe that a Modi win 2019 will be catastrophic. Opposition plans to force at least 95% of minorities to vote against Modi, that too for a single non-BJP candidate. She is also vigorously campaigning to eradicate split in anti Modi minority votes.
  2. Use her decades old covert global connections with media organizations, judiciary, intellectuals, artists, NGO’s and minority organizations to create an anti-Modi and anti-India narrative. She does not care if India’s image takes a deadly beating.
  3. Milk the resentment among India’s business community on Modi’s GST, strict Tax compliance, anti-corruption drive etc. to force them to support her.
  4. Wean away smaller NDA parties like Apna Dal in UP, Kushwaha’s in Bihar, IPFT in Tripura, AGP in Assam etc.
  5. Manufacture fake corruption charges against Modi sarkar just before elections and use media pidis to create a vicious anti Modi narrative.
  6. Women across almost all communities are some of the strongest supporters of PM Modi. Opposition is cherry picking sexual violence against women to dent his support base. They successfully did so in the Khatua rape and murder case.
  7. Create fake Hindutva accounts to force Modi loving Hindu Right wingers to vote NOTA. These fake Hindutva accounts preach the doctrine “Modi is Anti-Hindu”. Such mostly fake Hindutva accounts viciously attack Modi and BJP from the Right wing perspective. Even such mundane things like wishing Eid Mubarak in Urdu can make Modi Anti-Hindu. Some other narratives of these fake Hindutva accounts are:
  8. Modi is anti-Hindu as article 370 is continuing and Rohingyas still live in Jammu.
    Modi is pro Muslim hence he immorally transferred Lucknow passport officer Viksas Mishra.
    Modi has schemes exclusively for Minorities. BJP governments hate Hindus as they continue the state control of Hindu temples.
    Modi wants Hindus to be illiterate as he approves Hindu injustices in the RTE act.
    Lack of progress on Ram Mandir means Modi hates Ram.
    Modi means more governance hence he is making government control even private life.
    Ganga is still a gutter.
    Modi imposes Hindi against the wishes of Assameese Hindus, Tamil Hindus, Kannada Hindus, and Bengali Hindus etc.
  9. Create a false narrative with fake polls from reputed organizations, to show Modi losing support. These polls will initially show a BJP defeat, allowing her to set the agenda and confuse the voter. As and when it becomes certain Modi will win, these polls will be modified to reflect a more probable outcome. We have seen this in Gujarat and Karnataka.
  10. To speak as though opposition will definitely form government in 2019. They speak like “When our government will come in 2019…”, “During our next government we will…” “Our 2019 government will be the best…”
  11. Work with Russia, Saudi Arabia and USA to force them to raise Crude prices around election time. All the three can be manipulated to some extent using her decades old connections. If a major geopolitical event (Iran-Gulf war and closure of gulf of hamruz) forces global Crude prices to shoot, then it’s a great bonanza for her.
  12. China, a communist dictator, is a known offender when it comes to illegal interference’s in democratic polls of other nations. Right under India’s very nose Maldives is fast becoming a Chinese client state while Prachanda and his comrades handed Nepal on a platter to China. China bankrolled political campaigns of many Australian Politicos. That’s right Australia, an advanced developed democracy could do nothing before the menacing Chinese dragon. In such a scenario can anyone vouch that the Opposition Supremo will not take Chinese help? Assuming that Pakistan’s anti India activities will be timed to help her, there will be at least two nations trying to undermine Modi and influence the polls.
  13. She will hope and pray that the rains fail this year. As of July 20 2018, Uttar Pradesh (70 NDA seats in the current Lok Sabha) badly needs rains. Thankfully this scenario is in Mother Nature’s hands. Dear Right Wing theists please do pray for good rains across India!

Supremo’s Caste Brahmhastras:

Opposition Supremo will go full throttle on Modi using multiple insidious Brahmhastras but her main one will be caste.

  1. Vicious physical and verbal attacks based on Caste, Community, Region or Language is inhuman and anti-national.
  2. Caste should eventually phase out.
  3. Hindu society should have no birth based discrimination what so ever.

Sadly these are Utopian concepts that may not fructify before 2019.

The most practical thing is to prevent Opposition and her corrupt minions to take advantage of Hinduism’s Caste divisions. As Right Wingers it is imperative to foil Opposition Supremo’s plans as per ones limits.  It is also imperative to never surrender even an inch of space to her. Here comes the importance for Right Wingers to say mum’s the word when it comes to Caste.

Caste Brahmhastra’s:

Splitting Dalits from Hindu society: This is the most common caste Brahmhastra for the Opposition Supremo.

One of the defining factors of Modi’s post 2014 victory march is the dedicated and continued support of many Hindu Dalit sub castes. This has baffled and disappointed Supremo no end. She is trying her best to destroy BJP’s hard earned Dalit support, by using all her global connections to rile up Dalits.

Many Dalit organizations have a long history of covert relationship with her. Some even act as fronts for her. They are expected to create huge hungama and antagonize Modi voting Dalits before elections.

Caste Brahmhastra’s: Dividing Hindus by weaning upper castes and non-OBC agrarian castes from BJP. Many caste/communities/demographics are being misguided to violence by Opposition and her minions.

The ultimate aim of all her cancerous caste machinations is not restricted to the victory of her candidate, but in the victory of any rabidly anti-BJP candidate. This prevents the formation of an NDA coalition in case BJP does not get a majority, as it happened in Karnataka.

  1. The LS seats in the brackets are the probable seats that can be affected by Opposition’s caste based divisive politics. Some of the seat numbers may interpolate, like in Rajasthan where she is playing multiple caste politics. Some of her apparent caste machinations are as follows:
  2. She is riling up Jats in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Western UP. (10+10+13+7+~12=54 LS Seats). Please note the blue eyed boy of online right wingers, ex Indian Army Caption and current Punjab CM Maharaja Amrinder Singh, is a big leader of the All India Jat Mahasabha.
  3. In Rajasthan (25 Raj LS seats) she is riling up the some additional castes against Modi:
    Rajput’s via Karni sena and Padmavat protest. Rajput’s voted against BJP in Ajmer Lok Sabha bye election
    Gujjar’s via SC quota protests.
    Brahmins via tactical allotment of tickets as seen in Alwar Lok Sabha bye election.
  4. She is riling up Marathas in Maharashtra via Maratha OBC quota protests and her fr-enemy the Old Fox of Maratha Politics. (~48 LS seats)
  5. She is riling up Patels in Gujarat via Patel OBC quota protests. (~20 out of 26 Guj LS seats)
  6. She is riling up Kapu’s in Andhra Pradesh via OBC quota protests. Megastar Chiranjeevi is also with her. His brother Pawan Kalyan is leading a rival, yet popular political movement called Jana Sena in AP. (~12 out of 25 LS seats)
    Even in 2018 Nair’s in Kerala are a solid Congress voting block. (~12 out of 20 Ker LS seats)
  7. Lingayats in Karnataka are being promised a separate religion. She will do all her best to divide this solid BJP vote bank (~14 out of total 28 Kar LS seats).
  8. Assorted Hindu Assameese communities are being cruelly hoodwinked to oppose Indian Citizenship to Hindu Bengalis refugees of 1971 war. Opposition Supremo’s minions gave many anti-Hindi and anti-Bengali Hindu refugee speeches. Never mind that the real threat to Assam is the demographic tsunami of recent Bangladeshi illegals.(~14 seats)
  9. AAP with its Bania leadership is leading a silent campaign to wean Bania’s from BJP. Kejriwal, Somnath Bharathi, Prashant Kishore, two Rajya Sabha members of AAP etc. are from the same business community. (7 Delhi LS Seats + 30-32 urban seats in north = 37-39 LS seats).
  10. Opposition has her eyes set even on Brahmins. In assorted seats across India she is fielding Brahmin candidates. (Alwar LS bye election 2018/Phulpur LS bye election 2018). She might not win the seat, but can very well divide BJP vote and lead to its defeat. (~ 30 urban LS seats across India)
  11. The Bengali bhadralok is being brainwashed to hate Modi on the basis that he represents the Hindi heartland. So called Bengali intellectuals are the vanguards of this poisonous anti-Hindi campaign. (48 LS seats )
  12. Ever since Jayalalithaa’s demise it appears as though all the anti-national forces have got a new lease of life in Tamil Nadu which is on boil almost on a monthly basis. Sane Tamil voices are being extinguished with clinical precision.
  13. During the violent Jallikattu protests of 2017 Modi was blamed even though he had nothing to do with its ban. In fact Jallikattu was banned by Opposition Supremo backed NGO’s and a pliant Judiciary.Such is the anti-Modi paranoia that Tamil organizations are opposing a super-fast multi lane highway construction and AIIMS in Madurai, just because it is Modi’s idea. (39 LS seats)

Based on these insidious Brahmhastra’s, Opposition plans are being carefully worked out in 190-290 Lok Sabha seats.

All forms of Media (online, international, national and vernacular) are expected to flame these divisive fires with incendiary coverage. Indian Express, India Today, the Hindu, National Herald, Sakaal, Malayalamanorama, ABP Newspaper etc are known Opposition chamchas. Online media portals such as Huffingtonpost, Scroll, dailyO, Cobrapost etc can be expected to bring out click bait news items that will further divide the society. Racist rags such as BBC, NYT, Economist, AFP, AP, Washington post and Reuters are Opposition’s trusted global partners in these crimes.

With all these Brahmhastras on Modi’s support base, Right Wingers’ comments and actions on caste should not become another anti-Modi weapon for the Opposition Supremo! Please remember Delhi and Bihar. Modi supporters should be careful before commenting on, South-North, Northeast, Hindi-Non Hindi, Dalits, Brahmins, Jats, Rajput’s, Tribal’s, OBC’s, Reservation, Caste superiority etc.

Everyone loves one’s caste, community, language and region. So please do not pass any comments (esp. online since they stay forever) on another caste or community (This is not a suggestion to demean other religions).

Remember 2015 when:

  1. Modi’s comment on Kejriwal’s Gotra was used to flame anti Modi views among Delhi’s business community.
  2. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s comments on reservation were viciously used to destroy Modi’s OBC and Dalit support base.

This led to humiliating losses in Delhi and Bihar. They have been used in the past and can be used in the future to divide Modi’s base.

Dear right wingers (both offline and online) “mum’s the word when it comes to Caste”!

If there is a caste question or an itch to comment on caste, keep in mind Delhi-Bihar losses and then pretty please with butter on top just remember “No Comments!”

Trust Modi and Amit Shah to take it from there.

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