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Jat agitation

This is how Sonia Gandhi led Congress preparing for the 2019 elections

Sonia Gandhi would not only divide Indian society based on hatred but would have international influence too, to fight Modi in2019.

Gujarat election: Caste engineering or national destruction?

Does rising of Casteist leaders ensure political empowerment to backward castes or National Destruction?

Stop The Circus – Revolutions are not always the answer

The warning signs are here. The Haryana riots are a wake-up call. It is time look within and not be swayed by self-interests.

भीड़ का मिज़ाज

हरयाणा मे आरक्षण की माँग को लेके तोड़ फोड़ हुई तो उसी की आड़ मे बलात्कार भी। जवाबदेही किसी की नही है क्यूंकी ये भीड़ ने किया!

Why are Indian protests so violent? We all must act to stop this

The government has to strictly implement the rule of the law, while rest of us too have a duty.

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