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हिंदी फिल्म राज़ी एवं आम कश्मीरी मुस्लिम का भारत से प्यार

आम कश्मीरी के दिल से वह प्यार, मोहब्बत, देशभक्ति, भारत से प्यार न जाने कहा चला गया और वो अब, कैसे लोट कर आएगा।

How to stop schools’ engagement in commercial activities

Delhi High Court and CBSE have ordered to stop commercial activities (selling uniforms, books etc) in schools but hardly any impact visible on ground.

How to bring high profile people to justice

Even if the investigating agency or the police want, an unbiased investigation is hard to take place if carried out by the same state police, due to political pressure.

अयोध्या में मंदिर, मस्जिद, गुरुद्वारा एवं गिरिजाघर बने

अगर मक्का या वेटिकन सिटी जैसे किसी विशेष विश्वास की जगह पर उनके पूजा स्थल को तोड़कर किसी अन्य धर्म का पूजा स्थल बनाया होता तो क्या ऐसा संभव था? अगर एक बार ऐसा मान भी ले तो समाधान की क्या संभावनाए होगी?

Should reservation continue even after 7 decades?

The sensitive issue of reservation has become a complete mockery

Should caste based reservation continue even after 7 decades of independence?

Is giving reservation to the socially deprived class only solution for their upliftment?

Things we need to do to strengthen our democracy

Transparency and best practices need to be adopted.

Indian (B and C) Bollywood and Cricket

A comment on the skewed pubic discourse in India

Why are Indian protests so violent? We all must act to stop this

The government has to strictly implement the rule of the law, while rest of us too have a duty.

Alternatives to odd-even scheme for Delhi’s pollution and traffic problems?

Some solutions which could help solve Delhi's troubles

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