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Indian (B and C) Bollywood and Cricket

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Let’s ask few questions. Which sport players in India earn the highest money, has biggest followers, get highest media coverage, appear in maximum commercial advertisements, awarded with maximum national awards? Your guess is right. Compare few of below items between Bollywood, Cricket with other walks of life

  • Total nominated MPs in Rajya Sabha
  • Total number of MPs in Lok Sabha
  • How many awards have been given by Govt?
  • Number of criminal cases pending in courts
  • What are annual earnings and net assets?
  • Total number of endorsements
  • Number of fan followers and popularity

Thousands of officer posts are vacant in all 3 Indian forces. They are not able to pull best talent. Youth have dream to join careers based on pay, perks, fame, and social reputation.

There are 2 most famous fields in India Bollywood and Cricket. No doubt both fields contribute lot to society.

Our media and people are over obsessed by these 2 fields. They are the most glamorous fields in India. Our people are very praise worthy. If a cricket player is performing badly in a critical match then they are very disturbed. They will burn an effigy, destroy under construction house and worship them like God if do well. Media doesn’t just talk about players in other games even if they have done wonders. One day a stand-up comedian nicely said about hockey: When they come to the country they take autos and quietly go home whether they won or lost.

Constitution allows Govt to nominate few people to Rajya Sabha who have contributed a lot to society. Our Govt feels only bollywood and cricket stars are biggest contributor to society. Do great scientists, economists, professors, honest bureaucrats, social activists, poet, doctors, great teachers contribute less to society? Is contribution to other areas not considered service to society? We don’t appreciate and respect work of scientists, teachers etc.

Before T N Sheshan most of people in country didn’t know about election commission, its role and power. He started electoral voter card to curb bogus voting and soon India is going to be only country in world with highest number of biometric voter cards. Media reported politicians used to afraid of election commission in his tenure. Is he contributed less to country than any cricketer or Bollywood star?

Has noble laureate Kailash Satyarthi contributed less to society? Did media and Govt recognize his contribution before he was awarded noble prize? Did he get any big award from Govt of India? What was his media coverage before noble prize? Was it anywhere near average bollywood or cricket celebrity?

Glamour, money takes people to wrong path and many have been found wrong side of law. Many bollywood and cricket stars have serious charges, undergoing trials, even reached behind bars. There were match fixing charges found against many cricket players and were approved by court. Azhar was banned from playing cricket because of his involvement in match fixing but our people’s love for cricket has made him Lok Sabha MP. Why India doesn’t have best players in games other than cricket? Why India is unable to perform well in other games at bigger platforms? Recently cricket players, BCCI, BCCI officials have been caught under match fixing and other various unethical conducts. Nothing is going to change on ground despite SC ruling. BCCI will remain political battle ground, full of unethical and mal practices. BCCI is richest sports body on earth.

Sachin has contributed a lot to Indian cricket. He is respected across world for his game, consistency, records and contribution. He has been a humble player. Bharat Ratna was not awarded to sports category right since independence. Govt changed this rule for political gain and belittled the contribution of other great players like Major Dhyan Chand. As per media report Govt nominated him for Bharat Ratna on ruling party president’s instructions. Because this party was planning to use him as star campaigner in general election. All rules were changed for political gain of cricket popularity.

Mary Kom have been world no 1 for 5 years. No cricketer or cricket team have ever been close to this title but she is nowhere close to average cricket player popularity, earning, Govt awards, media coverage etc. Only now we hear she has been rewarded with a Rajya Sabha seat.

Why only these Bollywood & Cricket people are so glamorous and harmed other walks of life? Is media to be blamed? But media brings what people like to see because they are worried about their TRPs. We people of this country are to be blamed more than media. Our society should respect other professions as well so that best talent can go there and country can benefit out of those.

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