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If not Modi govt; no other govt can fulfill the dreams of Indians

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Indian politics sometimes look bizarre, funny, mystical or mythological. Today the entire opposition parties want to stop Modiji from coming back to power in 2019 than their party winning the election. Most of the opposition parties have lost their vision and value and they exist only by abusing and opposing Modiji. One of the reasons for their opposition and hatred for Modiji is due to the tireless efforts of Modiji to build New India where the syndicate of corrupts will have no place. Similarly the dynasty politics, politics of division and minority appeasement, politics of nepotism and misusing the public office for selfish gains also would disappear if Modiji comes to power again in 2019.

People are yawning for such change and that is why people are after Modiji. But for the opposition parties, it is their bread and butter and their existence that is being deeply hurt and that is why they congregate together and oppose Modiji.

It is like when a majestic tiger or lion comes to open in jungle; birds, squirrels, troop of monkeys and other herbivores animals will make huge noise and express restlessness to alert each other. Virtually birds, squirrels and arboreal monkeys will have no threat from the majestic tiger or lion but still they express their fear and restlessness.

Indian politics has almost become like a jungle. With reference to the leadership qualities and majestic stature, Modiji is indeed like lion or tiger. But interestingly most of the opposition parties have reduced to the level of squirrel engaged merely in chirruping. The opposition parties are simply distracting and promoting falsehood to derail the agenda of New India of Modiji. People of India must be vigilant and extra-cautious not to just fall into such propaganda of the opposition parties but also to educate every fellowmen they meet and interact not to get fooled by the mission of opposition parties i.e., fragment India.

The appearance of Modiji to Indian politics is exactly like the incarnation of Lord Krishna in Mahabharat war where Arjuna was in deep agony, confused as what to do in the battle field. Indians were like Arjuna during UPA 2, totally frustrated, hopeless, clueless, sad and depressed. They did not know what to do to save India. Modiji came as Lord Krishna, infused confidence among people of India, told them their power and might in democracy, encouraged them to vote and elect a good government headed by a leader of high integrity, commitment, vision and passion.

As like the strong resistance that was endured by Imperial rulers during non-cooperation movement, today Modiji is facing the continuous onslaught joint opposition against his mission to develop India and achieve Sab Ka Vikas.  Modiji is working hard to develop India and but the reckless opposition parties are working overtime to derail such mission because they want their family and dynasty to develop and not India.

To end corruption in Indian politics, the continuation of Modiji as Prime Minister of India must happen not only in 2019 but even beyond that. If India has to develop and prosper, Modi Raj must continue.  Every responsible citizen of India must therefore educate every fellow man to think of India first than dirty politics that is being relentlessly played by the opposition parties.

New India versus divide India is the theme of 2019 election and every Indian must play a crucial role to build New India where the entire world is attracted to invest in India due to its talents, skills and intelligence.

Sab Ka Vikas is possible only when the leader of our country is credible, decisive, honest and committed. Indian can always be proud of Modiji because he is not only honest but also honest in his mission i.e., New India and Sab Ka Vikas.

S Ranganathan

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