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Dear Kamal Haasan : Be modest. There is no need for hyperbolic eye grabbing techniques

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit

Kamal Haasan has once again stepped into controversy. He is, time and again manifesting his lack of self-esteem and leadership quality but more and more bestowing his self-deprecating personality much to the ire of the public and his fans. He is profusely apologetic of his lineage of the much acclaimed Iyengar Brahmin caste, his Hindu identity and his social status.

Presently he is hosting the Tamil version of ‘Big Boss’ reality show on Vijay TV. This programme is drawing much anger of the people in Tamil Nadu as the entire structure of the show has become a disgusting display of awful synergy of the participants. This is typical of any other Big Boss programmes, yet this sort of TV display being first of its kind in TN, and hence the show has obviously offended the conservative Tamil viewers.
Having entered into politics, Kamal Haasan is bound to present himself as a ‘messiah’ to win hearts of his prospective voters. The usual political rhetoric matters like ‘upliftment of repressed or marginalised people of the society etc would play an important role for a new Political outfit. So certain amount of ‘self-veto’ is required since Kamal Haasan hails from an upper stratum of the society to sullen his present image of fair complexioned Brahmin. However, the main impediment is his inherent ‘narcissism’ that is causing all the damage. Kamal Haasan is extremely narcissist and apologist as well. He sees all evils in his own caste, religion, social set up, upbringing and all.
When Kamal Haasan denounced his own caste (Iyengar Brahmin), it does not mean the Iyengar caste itself is trivial.
So, let us rejoice some world-famous Iyengars before we further move forward to feel sorry about Kamal Haasan and before we too get that ‘remorseful’ feeling of the Iyengar community itself.
The ace Srinivasa Ramanujam, Jayalalitha, Krishnamachary Srikkanth, Sir Chakravarty Rajagopalachari, Hema Malini, Yoga Guru B.K.S. Iyengar, Gen Sundarji, TV Sundaram Iyengar (TVS), Vyjayanthimala Bali, Dr K Kasturi Rangan, Seshadri Chari, Sir Bashyam Iyengar, TT Krishnamachary, KN Govindacharya (RSS ideologue), JaiRam Ramesh of Congress, Lyrisist Vali, Singer PB Srinivas, MS Sathyu, S Venkataraghavan, K Parasaran, Mohan Parasaran, Gopalakrishna Gandhi, Rajamohan Gandhi, Srinivasan Jain (Journo guy), Annamacharya, Latha Rajanikanth, Prof KT Bhashyam(Kannada (Professor), Masti Venkatesh Iyengar (Kannada poet), Sri Sri (Telugu poet), Raghuram Rajan. The list is endless.
In an effort to show up of undue and unwarranted emotion, Kamal Haasan on 30th June 2018 tweeted saying that  “I refused to fill in the caste&religion column in both my daughters’ school admission certificate” However this was quickly picked up by Twitterati’ and was heavily trolled, exposing his hypocrisy.
Some follower brought to fore an old video recording of his daughter Shruthi Haasan’s interview wherein she proudly claims that ‘I am an Iyengar’ I am Shruthi Haasan Iyengar to the interviewer Mr Niranjan Iyengar. The Twitterati replied to his tweet implying that ‘Sir charity begins at home’ By not filling the forms with caste names is not going to solve the problem, first, we should raise our children w/o knowing their caste’. The unexpected negative reaction of the followers, in fact, surprised Kamal Haasan.
Times have changed now and the birth lineage and caste of any person are being taken in a good spirit in India now, rather feeling superior of or inferior of their caste. Instead of going hyperbole, it is better to remain silent on such issues and be modest in order to win over the people of all strata of society. There is nothing sinful in feeling proud of our family lineage and in fact, our creativity is the gift of our forefathers.
What is required for an aspiring Politician (if he is sincerely dreaming of a utopian society) is modesty. He should not go either way in an extreme manner and get badly checkmated by his own duplicity.
Since our mainstream media is heavily Leftist oriented in ideology, such a self-deprecating drama is necessary to get publicity on their media and get marked as a ‘secular’ and ‘progressive’ This is the course even Arvind Kejriwal follows with this mistaken notion. However, the nation is now breathing a clean air, relieved of such a false duplicity pollution. Such a self-deprecation may even prove counterproductive for his political ambitions.

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit

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