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मिशनरी तालिबान: मीठा जहर

हर कुछ समय में भारत के स्वर्ण के खिलाफ इस तरह का प्रोपेगेंडा चलाया जाता है। यह स्वर्ण के खिलाफ प्रोपेगेंडा नहीं है यह सभी हिंदुओं समेत पूरे भारतवर्ष को अपने निशाने पर ले रहा है।

Bursting mistaken beliefs of Sati

There are certain questions which need to be answered before discussing about Sati. Was Sati sanctioned and mandated in the religio-legal scripts or texts in ancient India?

क्य बिहार विधानसभा चुनाव में ब्राह्मणों और भूमिहारों की नाराज़गी एनडीए गठबंधन को भारी पड़ी है?

सवर्ण खासकर ब्राह्मण और भूमिहार बीजेपी के कोर वोटर रहे हैं, बीजेपी के स्थापना से लेकर अभी तक इसके साथ जुड़े हुए हैं। लेकिन बिहार बीजेपी में इन दोनों समाज को जिस तरह नजरअंदाज किया जा रहा था, उससे ये समाज काफी दुखी था।

Shekhar Gupta loses the Burqa of neutrality: Ends up peddling Congress agenda

Before BJP advent, elections were won by diving Hindus along caste lines in UP. With Congress trying to make a comeback in UP, more and more attempts will be made to pitch castes against castes.

जातिगत आधार पर कुख्यात अपराधी विकास दुबे की पैरवी करने वाले लोगों को कुछ तथ्यों पर ध्यान देना चाहिए

आप जिसे अपना ब्राह्मण भाई समझ कर शेर बता रहे हैं या उसके अपराधी बनने के पीछे सिस्टम को जिम्मेदार ठहरा रहे हैं, आपके उसी शेर विकास दुबे ने जितनी हत्याएं अब तक की है उनमें से 80% ब्राह्मण ही हैं।

Irrational liberals: How Brahmins who were being continuously persecuted during medieval centuries could have persecuted Dalits in Mughal/British times ?

Islamic rulers enjoyed their stay in India using our capacity of wealth creation but kept on inflicting deep wounds in the structure of our prosperous and open society by converting it into patently hierarchical and strictly patriarchal structures to suit their habit, tradition and culture of religious expansionism. Dalits came into being during this period historically. Social scientists have until now not been allowed by the liberal-historians to do research on the emergence of Dalit and mahadalit communities during a period when actually Brahmins were being religiously persecuted continuously, were killed on a massive scale and were humiliated at the will of the medieval rulers.

Understanding the Valmiki Ramayana

The arguments of Marxists, anti-Hindu scholars and other such elements stands refuted by the light of Sanatana Dharma

Dear Kamal Haasan : Be modest. There is no need for hyperbolic eye grabbing techniques

Such a self-deprecation may even prove counterproductive for his political ambitions.

Liberals desperate to blame BJP for Dalit atrocities are sounding tragically ridiculous

The liberal ecosystem is fueling hilarious dalit propaganda against BJP

The Brahminical Anomaly

I have to face personal attacks for being a Brahmin.

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