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Shekhar Gupta loses the Burqa of neutrality: Ends up peddling Congress agenda

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Ajay Sudame
Ajay Sudame aka 'Pakodewallah' is a conservative, capitalist, nationalist and global warming denier. He was a Karsevak in 1992. Engaged in Sales Management and Training for living. Tweets @ajaysudame

Vikas Dubey was killed on 11th July, in an encounter with UP police. He was a much dreaded Mafia and brutal killer. There were 62 cases, including 5 murder cases against him. Just a few days back he killed 8 policemen in cold blood. Coincidentally he was a Brahmin. Brahmins have a sizable population in UP and even larger disproportionate influence in politics. And this, Liberal-Left Media thinks gives it an opening to take away some votes from BJP in 2022 assembly elections. 

Since he has taken over in 2017, CM Yogi Adityanath has gone after Mafiosis and Criminals in a focussed manner. Resulting in more than 100 dreaded criminals deaths till now. On this background, the 11th July encounter looks suspect. But then this is not the first questionable encounter, nor it will be the last. One can argue it was KPS Gill first who used the encounters to deal with Khalistani Terrorists in late eighties and nineties. And with much success. Then in1990, and well into 2000 Mumbai police used encounters to clean Mumbai of Mafia Raj and Gang Wars. So there exists a precedent to suggest that, given the kind of Judicial mechanism we have, encounters is one of the effective ways to deal with organised crime. 

Media, which hated Yogi Adityanath anyway, has erupted in a rage with Vikas Dubey encounter. And many pretentious and nasty responses followed. But one which really goes over the top comes from the lynchpin of  Left-Liberal Media, Shekhar Gupta. Who otherwise goes around with the garb of unbiased and impartial journalism. His ‘Cut the clutter’ released on 11th July, has so many inaccuracies and innuendos that it’s clear that he has lost it. 

Gupta slips first Googly, within the first 20 Seconds. He says “Vikas Dubey, who was alleged to have killed 8 policemen, was killed in a quote-unquote ‘Encounter’.” Alleged? Yes, you read that correctly. Even after this being a well-known fact that Vikas Dubey and his gang brutally killed 8 policemen, which included a Superintendent of Police, the Senior Editor can’t utter the fact.

Once off to a brilliant start there is no looking back. For the next few minutes, it seems Gupta is sitting in a Mosque, enlisting Brahmins to be targeted. He reads out names of dozen Brahmin accomplices of Vikas Dubey. As if there were Brahmins and Brahmins only in his gang. And, the Yogi government is out to get all the Brahmins in UP. He ends first spell as eloquently as the start.Uses his Guru, Kejriwal’s line “UP me sab miley huey hai’ (Everybody’s involved). 

The highlight of the video, to me, comes after a few minutes from this counting Brahmin gangsters bit. Gupta stays true to the Liberal tradition of using every opportunity to wash Islamic crimes. Coming round the wicket, quotes a scene from the movie, ‘Ishqiya’. Two small-time Muslim crooks, converse amongst themselves. Babban Hussain “Khalu, humaare me to sirf Shiya-Sunni hotey hai. Yanha to Yadav, Thakur, Pandey, Jaat sab ne apna apna fauj bana ke rakha hai. Apna pichwada uthao aur sarpat ho lo yanha se” (Uncle, we have only Shiya and Sunni. But here every Hindu caste has its own gang. Let us get out of here). In one fell swoop, Gupta paints every Hindu as a potential Gangster and every caste capable of producing criminals! But Muslims as faint-hearted, timid people, who are fearful of these Hindu Mafias. And who chose to run from Yogi Adityanath’s hometown, Gorakhpur. 

Such is Shekhar Gupta’s hatred for Yogi, that after a little respite he trains his guns on the CM again. Per him, because Yogi is a Rajput by birth, Brahmins are feeling let down and hence they have their own gangs! Which helps them get them justice in case of crime against their own. Now, there can not be a bigger lie than this. Dubey was a gangster for the last 3 decades. He was wanted for BJP leader’s murder since 2001. UP’s abysmal law enforcement record is a very old thing. For many decades the Crime rate in UP has been high.  Contrary, it’s the Yogi Government who’s going after criminals. Some of them can be Brahmins. But to use that to paint Yogi as anti-Brahmin is a murder of Journalism. 

Next prognosis by Gupta is equally crazy. Per him, in UP those castes who don’t have their own CM, become gangsters to get justice. But he is such a good journalist, that he himself destroys his own arguments in a jiffy. He gives an example of the notorious gangster/politician from Kunda – Raja Bhaiyya, a Thakur by caste. Now there have been many Thakur Chief Ministers, including VP Singh and Rajnath Singh. So why do Thakurs have their own Gang? Ditto applicable to Yadav, Jatts and all other castes. This is clearly a new low for journalism. 

Most importantly, this is not only below-par stuff, but this is a plain distortion of facts. A testimony of which is the number of Brahmin ministers in UP cabinet. Around 20% of ministers are Brahmins! This is the fact which Gupta hides beautifully throughout. Now, why does Shekhar Gupta, who otherwise takes such pride in being a neutral journalist, make a video full of falsehoods? Not very difficult, you see. He is pushing Congress agenda for assembly elections in 2022. Even for 2017 elections, Congress had a Brahmin – Shiela Dixit, as CM face. She then had clearly spelt out her casteist agenda in an interview.  

So, the doyen of Left-Liberal cabal is back to what he and his rent-a-cause ilk are best at! Peddling Leftist casteist agendas for favours. Before BJP advent, elections were won by diving Hindus along caste lines in UP. With Congress trying to make a comeback in UP, more and more attempts will be made to pitch castes against castes. 

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Ajay Sudame
Ajay Sudame aka 'Pakodewallah' is a conservative, capitalist, nationalist and global warming denier. He was a Karsevak in 1992. Engaged in Sales Management and Training for living. Tweets @ajaysudame

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