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Home Politics Registration for Trademark ‘Biswa Bangla’ secured by West Bengal

Registration for Trademark ‘Biswa Bangla’ secured by West Bengal

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Archi Bhatia
Archi Bhatia is a content writer who is also a qualified lawyer.She is affiliated with QuickCompany which deals in Company Registration, Company Search, Trademark Registration in India, Trademark Search and Other Legal Activities.

West Bengal government has managed to gets its most identified trademark registered with the trademark authorities of India. ‘Biswa Bangla’ is the registered mark which will now act as an emblem and for the state government of West Bengal.

The state emblem constitutes Biswa Bangla logo which is encircled in the green circular border with the national emblem which is placed on top of the logo.

The logo has been designed by Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee herself as claimed by her on her twitter handle. The state government of Bengal had launched their emblem with the approval from the central government. The decision to start their separate emblems was thought because it generated the separate and individual character for the state. She has also proposed to change the name of the state for which she is still awaiting approval.

State government committee was formed for reviewing the trademark which was headed by eminent artist Jogen Chowdhury the approval of the trademark which has now been approved by the central government also.

The mark and the logo have been enmeshed in the legal battle and controversy from the beginning after former Trinamool Congress MP, Mukul Roy who is now a member of Bhartiya Janta Party stated that the mark and the seal had been registered in the name of Mamta Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee’s.

These allegations have been denied vehemently by the Trinamool Congress representative Rajeev Sinha who is MSME secretary. Now Abhishek Banerjee has also withdrawn his ownership over the trademark.

This raises the question of who owns the trademark Biswa Bangla as a trademark? As the nephew of Mamta Banerjee was mentioned as the proprietor of the trademark in the trademark registration application.

Chief Minister in her statement while inaugurating the mark and the logo has said that the government from now on will use the symbol of every official document and any correspondences.

Biswa Bangla is also a 100% government-owned company which provides handlooms and other handicraft material associated with West Bengal. It was established as an MSME and is wholly owned by the state government. This shows that the government is trying to come up with ways to use the trademark which is now its property.

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Archi Bhatia
Archi Bhatia is a content writer who is also a qualified lawyer.She is affiliated with QuickCompany which deals in Company Registration, Company Search, Trademark Registration in India, Trademark Search and Other Legal Activities.

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