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BSE Building Trademarked: One more Triumph for Mumbai

This means that from the time forward publishing BSE building’s picture will require prior approval from the company.

Registration for Trademark ‘Biswa Bangla’ secured by West Bengal

Biswa Bangla is also a 100% government-owned company which provides handlooms and other handicraft material associated with West Bengal

An Attempt To Commercialize #Metoo Bites The Dust

Presently, there are 4 applications for trademark

Trademark Rules 2017- Jingles and chimes can be a sound mark

Using a sound as a trademark for the brand has not been considered marketing tool for long. The journey of sound branding has come a very long way.

Annals of ridiculous trademark lawsuits

There are so many trademark ideas out there. Besides all the serious lawsuits, let's check out these crazy claims and defenses of trademark ever issued.

Did you know: You cannot Trademark a ‘Kitkat’ but a ‘Toblerone’

Nestle’s attempt to trademark the KitKat shape was smashed.

Importance of Trademark registration- Securing businessmen rights

The importance of trademark for any business and process of securing it.

Changes in Trademark Registration process 2017, you can’t ignore

There are significant changes in Trademark norms which one needs to keep in mind.

Chinese trademark: An idealistic paradox

Getting a Trademark registered with China is as difficult as sneezing with open eyes.

Has Chinese law rejected Trump’s ‘Trump Trademark appeal’?

There are around 225 Trademarks with the name “TRUMP” in China.

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