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Limiting her in few words would be a herculean task. She Likes to add some zing to the story. When not writing, she loves to watch movie. She especially enjoys being a fashionholic. Affiliated with QuickCompany which deals in Trademark Registration, LLP Registration and Other Legal Activities.

Which type of Entrepreneur are you?

Broadly there are five types of entrepreneurs. Which one suits you or you want to be?

Trademark Rules 2017- Jingles and chimes can be a sound mark

Using a sound as a trademark for the brand has not been considered marketing tool for long. The journey of sound branding has come a very long way.

Annals of ridiculous trademark lawsuits

There are so many trademark ideas out there. Besides all the serious lawsuits, let's check out these crazy claims and defenses of trademark ever issued.

How Indian steel industry facing a decline and still being optimistic

The steel industry in India- one of the fastest growing industries has found itself, in a miserable plight.

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