Friday, March 5, 2021
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Did you know: You cannot Trademark a ‘Kitkat’ but a ‘Toblerone’

Nestle’s attempt to trademark the KitKat shape was smashed.

How Indian economy reacted during the last six months after Demonetization

Digital Economy is a wonderful move by the government. The only need of the hour is to educate people about the ease of Digital Transaction.

Government streamlines new platforms for start-ups

Inspired from Linked-in, DIPP takes the ‘Start-up India’ campaign to a new level, with a view to launch a user-friendly portal, website and a mobile application.

Chinese trademark: An idealistic paradox

Getting a Trademark registered with China is as difficult as sneezing with open eyes.

India: Bait for IT giants

The foundation created by Modi lead campaigns has given new dimensions to IT sector.

Govt of India is to come up with a reality show to promote entrepreneurship

To push Start Up India, Government is ready to introduce an Indianised adaptation of Shark Tank reality show for Indian entrepreneurs.

Has Chinese law rejected Trump’s ‘Trump Trademark appeal’?

There are around 225 Trademarks with the name “TRUMP” in China.

150000 villages in India to have internet connectivity: Is it finally time for Rural Startups?

Internet in Rural India will reduce the power distance with the Government.

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