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Archi Bhatia is a content writer who is also a qualified lawyer.She is affiliated with QuickCompany which deals in Company Registration, Company Search, Trademark Registration in India, Trademark Search and Other Legal Activities.

Modi government rounding up on shell companies with new MCA update

Companies that are formed as a dummy corporation are no longer be able to survive these stringent policies and eventually the Modi government will catch up on these defunct companies and bring them down.

Decriminalisation of non-filling of annual return and financial statement proposed

In all the above cases the fine and imprisonment can be imposed together for the company officials.

BSE Building Trademarked: One more Triumph for Mumbai

This means that from the time forward publishing BSE building’s picture will require prior approval from the company.

Registration for Trademark ‘Biswa Bangla’ secured by West Bengal

Biswa Bangla is also a 100% government-owned company which provides handlooms and other handicraft material associated with West Bengal

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