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Sonia and Rahul are trying their best to divide the heathen Hindus, and ‘Kannada pride’ was another tactic

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In the run-up of Karnataka elections, Sonia’s Congress and its various secret offshoots ran a vicious and divisive language campaign against Hindi. Supposedly they wanted to protect the Kannada language from Hindi imposition by evil Modi!

Kannada is a sweet, ancient and beautiful language. Sadly like every other Indian language, Kannada is under relentless English onslaught. Nevertheless, due to myopic Indian politics, Hindi is always blamed for the demise of vernacular languages. Take any Language warrior be it in Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Malayali or Assamese, he always blames Hindi. Strangely these very language warriors give platitudes to English and to some extent Urdu. (No offence to Urdu, it’s a great Indian Language). Sonia’s Congress in Karnataka was supposedly in the forefront of the “Save Kannada from Hindi” campaign. Here Congress became a proxy for Kannada Pride, while Modi’s BJP was the de facto Hindi imposing evil alien!

Many Hindi signs on public boards were blackened. Frequent protests were held against Hindi imposition by the Modi Government. Every Kannada intellectual always mentioned “Hindi imposition” and “North Indian BJP”. Every national media right from Newspapers to the Online twitter feed, were flaming the fires of “Save Kannada from Hindi Imposition” campaign.

There was no mention of relentless English imposition from all quarters. Further, Congress sponsored and taxpayer-funded Urdu imposition was sidestepped for “secular” reasons. (Once again no offence to Urdu). No serious discussion was held on “how to really save Kannada in the Wassup era?”. Even though Modi government started printing Kannada Rail tickets and conducted central exams in Kannada, it was smartly ignored by Kannada Language Warriors. Why wouldn’t they? After all, Modi was the embodiment of evil Hindi imposition that can do no good for Kannada!

Then why in the name of the holy Cauvery did Sonia, Rahul and Kharge (Bidar) who is a native Kannadiga, speak in Hindi?

  1. One can understand that Sonia and Rahul are royal hypocrites. They never practice what they preach, hence chose to speak in Hindi even though their party was campaigning against Hindi. But why on earth did Kharge choose Hindi in Bidar? Bidar was one of the sultanates that defeated Vijayanagar Empire in the 16th century and was part of the Nizam’s Kingdom until Sardar Patel liberated it. Most importantly Bidar has a huge Muslim population that speaks Urdu. Muslims in Karnataka speak a dialect of Urdu. So they understand Hindi, which sounds similar to Urdu. Hence Sonia Rahul and Kharge were addressing their Muslim Vote Bank.
  2. Muslims in Karnataka were sulking and were unhappy with Congress. (all its appeasement “mitti mein mil gaya”). Many were thinking about JDS. Why not? Unlike Rahul at least Kumaraswamy of JDS can give speeches. Then they started hearing Rahul talk in Hindi, they were assured that “kam se kam Pappu bol to sakta hai”! That’s it! All Congress’s vote bank and ecosystem needs is a Speaking Pappu. Such is the low bar set for Rahul.
  3. Of late Sonia has started studying Modi and his tactics. She understood that Rahul should at least speak in Hindi if at all he wants to tackle Modi head on. Hence she asked him to give Hindi speeches and not to worry about gaffes. Such is her trust in her loyal “pidi patrakars” in NDTV, IBNLive, ANI, Indian Express, Telegraph, BBC, Routers, AP, PTI, The Hindu, Print, Quint, India Today, Scroll, Wire etc that no matter what Rahul blabbers, none of them will be career ending for him as “pidi patrakars” will always manage it for the family. Rahul’s lack of Hindi skills also raises another shameless aspect:- in spite of being the son, grandson and great-grandson of Indian Prime Minister’s, Rahul cannot speak any proper Indian Language! What better place to test out one’s Hindi than a non-Hindi speaking state like Karnataka? Even if he makes Himalayan blunders in Hindi, it would not carry much weight with the Kannada audience, than say in Patna or Jaipur.
  4. African Americans who are almost 13% of America, are one of the most undereducated, underemployed, unemployed and poorer demographics. In an eerie similarity between Congress-Muslim voting relationship in India, Democrats aided by their “pidi patrakars” and American intellectuals make very loud, boisterous and divisive noises about African American Culture, Food, History, Past, Poverty etc, thereby ensuring their blind loyalty. Interestingly almost 95% of them give their votes to Democrats, who almost never do anything concrete to improve their living conditions. Yes, that’s right 95% African Americans vote only Democrat.

This is what Sonia is aiming at India. A near 95% or closer vote from Indian Muslims to Congress and its cabal. No questions asked, just blind loyalty. So Rahul’s blabbering in Karnataka helps reach innocent Muslim across the nation who in many cases understand Urdu/Hindi better than their non-Muslim vernacular compatriots.

If 90-95% of a demography that accounts for 13-15% of the population, votes only one party, then it becomes the numero uno deciding factor in elections. Then only one demography will have the blackmailing trump card in elections. For BJP this was a very complex knot during most of 90’s and 2000’s. It used to lose elections simply because of this vote bank’s blackmail.

Then Modi and Amit Shah team came to the national picture and this was blackmail was erased in every election since 2013 November.

Sonia and her cabal are plotting tirelessly to divide the heathen Hindus. At the same time, they unite Muslims into a single solid voting block. They are overtly and covertly speaking to Muslims in a language that they understand, in this case, Hindi/Urdu. That’s why Karnataka elections saw Rahul talking in Hindi.

(A footnote:- As per many exit polls around ~20% Muslims voted BJP in 2017 Gujarat Election. This in spite of relentless campaign against Modi and BJP. I pray he does better (current 3-4% nationally with Muslims), as he does “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” and is entitled to “Sabka Vote”. This is another issue altogether. )

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