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Modi as the Prime Minister is imperative in 2019

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer

It makes an average Indian worry when Rahul Gandhi through his hat on the P. M’s chair in recent Karnataka elections. Can more than 1.2 billion Indians have a Prime Minister who takes his job so lightly in going abroad whimsically to meet his grandma in Italy at the proverbial drop of the hat? Does he leave billion odd people in the lurch to have a fanciful trip to unknown destinations without caring security concerns to meet unheard of friends in foreign soil?

India is the seventh biggest country in the world area-wise after Russia, Canada, Brazil, USA, China and Australia. As far as population is concerned, Europe continent with 604 million and North America (USA+Canda+Mexico) with 600 million, put together is equal to or less than India’s population. Can this vast expanse of the country with varied people be lead by an individual who has no clue and no complete cultural mooring to be a PM, just because the age-old dynastic party is desperate to have him as their leader and president? Congress party through the weight behind him just to avoid inner conflicts among themselves is an open secret.

As an Assamese leader, an erstwhile Congress politician said he (Rahul Gandhi) was more interested in playing with dogs rather than giving due importance to the issues confronting the state of Assam while speaking to him. An inaccessible leader to the cadre. A childlike behaviour in leaving the party to dogs when necessary and going to Dadi ma, was brave and candid in stating to a reporter’s question whether he would be the Prime Minister in 2019. He said without batting an eyelid, “Why not?” Maybe he thought he was exuding confidence. But that confidence part is ‘misplaced’ in a democracy where the PM is to be elected by the elected members of the Parliament. It also seemed to be a childish prank in the absence of not having experience as a Union Minister or Chief Minister of a state. However, this is my opinion as a citizen, for Congress Party, even an infant or toddler from Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty is okay. In fact, it is not the dynast in place that runs the country, the stalwarts of Congress are the ones that pull the strings. That was what happened during Rajiv Gandhi’s time. A naïve Gandhi was placed after his mother’s assassination in the PM’s chair, all of a sudden, as if there was a dearth in this country to lead. That was really a dynastic succession played by the Congress unabashedly.

After Rajiv Gandhi’s death Sonia Gandhi and later in 2004 Rahul Gandhi could have been anointed as Prime Ministers of this country by the Congress Party. But some strange providence or luck had prevented that misfortune to befall on the people of this Independent land i.e Bharath.

As per the Constitution, any citizen of the country could become a Prime Minister. The Constitution of all democracies are egalitarian. They respect equality of all citizens. But how many democracies have their Presidents and Prime Ministers who have their origins in other lands? Who have adopted citizenships like Sonia Gandhi? These democracies viz. the U.K, USA, France, Germany etc have by default or design have only Christian Presidents and Prime Ministers. Even Obama swore by the Bible in his swearing-in ceremony?

It is imminent for all Indians, especially Hindus in India to vote for Narendra Modi as PM in 2019 for he is the son of the soil, for having been tutored in RSS for his commitment to the society and the country. In that tutelage, he learnt how to make India self- reliant, how to uplift the status of the country in the comity of other nations. How to place India self-respecting vis-à-vis other nations. He, being a strong visionary leader brought-in Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) many folds, more than any other previous Congress governments. He brought light (literally) to many Indian villager’s eyes through his rural electrification-scheme, a commendable Soubhagya to villagers! And gas- connections to the poor household women, indeed, Ujjwal to their lives! Start-up, stand-up India are some entrepreneurial ventures to Indian youth which none of the earlier governments envisaged. He digitised the nation with unparallel speed to make it developed. He brought-in 50-crore rural people under free Health Scheme which is a welfare measure of high applause from all quarters which none of the earlier governments could dream of. Many schemes to uplift the poor are the visionary scheme of Deen Dayal Upadhya’s Antodaya. Similarly, he is an enthusiast in protecting the environment. He is instrumental in bringing solar energy plants. He astonished one and all with his Swatch-Bharat mission, himself directly participating in it. He worked indefatigably to build strong international relationships with all nations.

Earlier, under Congress’s rule, ‘Hindu’ was a tabooed word. Now Hindus are free to use it and talk about their ancient glory with pride. If you are not proud of your history, you, as a citizen, are not worthwhile. Hindus are now proud of their heritage. Modi ji, is the first Indian Prime Minister who prayed in Varanasi temple after getting elected. Unlike so-called secular PMs, he visits temples sincerely with no hitch. He cares the weaker, backward, Dalit and women. His bati bacho and bati padao touch the chord of the people. The umpteen number of programmes he has initiated and has been initiating should automatically give him a chance to take them forward in 2019. He is a 24/7 politician and knows the pulse of the people. This country is safe in his hands. The hullabaloo the other parties make against him is out of vengeance not out of foresight. To develop this vast country 5- year term is a pittance. It is not enough by any standards. Our P.M. needs more, another term definitely, as he has a long, far-sighted vision.

Above all, the internal security of the country in this four-year rule of Modi ji is commendable as there has been no bomb-scare-threat to the common citizen in any party of the country. In Congress-rule 26/11s happen. Let this country be not given to Congress Party to put people in constant fear and let not the “resilience-agenda-brigade” take over.

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G Indira
G Indira
Author of the book: The India I Know and of Hinduism. Ex-Publications in -charge Pragna Bharati Organisation, Hyderabad. Academician and free-lancer
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