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A Word to the Nationalists

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Srinath Mohandas
Srinath Mohandas
Educator. Develops content and curricula. Seeker.

It is amusing to see the sense of jubilation among some of our friends at the turn of events in Karnataka, where a barefaced HD Kumaraswamy- whose party lost deposits in 116 of 222 (52%) seats contested, will swear-in as the CM, with the support of a Congress party defeated fair and square.

Even more amusing is the sense of disappointment among few of our nationalist friends! While one can understand the former (the friends and family of a dying patient have every right to feel jubilant about the faintest feel of the pulse in the failing body), the latter is inexplicable. Therefore, we need to talk.

1. Whose victory?

– If you can’t find the heart in BJP under BS Yeddyurappa winning 104 out of 222 seats (that is 2.5 times more seats than what they secured in 2013 and just 8 seats short of an absolute majority) across caste, religion and demography of Karnataka.

– If you can’t find the heart in Congress under Siddharamaiah decisively losing on all fronts (16 ministers lost, 75% of Lingayat ministers who supported Siddharamaiah’s minority game lost) and being reduced to 78 seats.

– If you can’t find the heart in JDS under HD Kumaraswamy winning just around 10 seats in 5 of the 6 regions of Karnataka.

You do have a problem! The problem is that you suffer from a narrow vision and lack the big picture. The problem is also that you don’t have a narrative of your own, but depend on others (media?) to endorse your views.

Forming a government is important. That is the logical conclusion of an electoral battle won. Even if we go by that logic, we should accept that we may have to lose a battle or two to win the war (2019). Having said that, the battle for Karnataka is not over yet. It is just a matter of time before JDS and Congress will cut each other’s throats.

(In that context, all this talk about “moral victory” and “democracy winning” is a joke. It is plain bad poetry resorted to by losers and rascals to hide their shame. Every single strategy and tactic imaginable should be used, as long as it doesn’t violate the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Btw, who will decide what is fair and unfair? Not the media, not the intellectuals, not even the general public. It is the judiciary and judiciary alone! Therefore we need many more Subramanian Swamy-s and Amit Shah’s.)

2. Are you a nationalist or a loyalist?

Many of us forget that we support a Modi led BJP for actualising our justified national dreams. Be it the repeal of Article 370 (special status to J&K), implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya and the likes. However, it should be explicitly stated that all of these need to be actualised with full blessings of our sacred Constitution, in a manner that upholds the values of a democracy.

Tomorrow, if Congress (minus Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi) comes forward to actualise all these demands.. why not? We should wholeheartedly support them! Isn’t it our dream that a day will come when all Indians and the political parties representing them, uphold a national narrative that not only acknowledges and take pride in our glorious civilisational past but also take wisdom from it to build a peaceful, progressive and prosperous India?

3. Not a fanboy/girl

Lastly, you aren’t a fanboy/girl of a franchise in the Indian Political League. If you are, you can celebrate/get dejected at your team’s wins/losses, lionise/demonise your Dhonis and Kohlis, troll the losers and go sleep well with a satisfaction that you did something great. In reality, you are a nobody. Your contribution to the cause you believe in is Zero.

Therefore, roll up your sleeves. If you believe in the cause, do something that contributes to the efforts of the leader/political-social party that represent your cause.

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Srinath Mohandas
Srinath Mohandas
Educator. Develops content and curricula. Seeker.
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