Europe and the United States relationship in the critical mode

The decreasing role of the US on the international stage has a big impact on the world. This is why Europe is very nervous. According to the Munich Security Report, Europe now has to pay attention to its future itself.
According to the report, Washington has shown a very American-centered approach under the leadership of Donald Trump in 2017. The US has been leading the issue of global security issues so far. But during Trump’s tenure, America has just started looking at its interests. The report is feared that it will have to bear the brunt of the traditional American traders. In the lead of the Trump, Washington has shown little interest in regional or global organizations affecting international relations. On the contrary, the US has tried to strengthen bilateral ties while looking at its interests.
The White House’s diplomatic plans are also running parallel to this change. During the tenure of the Trumpet, there has been a huge increase in the budget of the Ministry of External Affairs and the defense budget has been greatly increased. There is a very clear message for Europe in changing US policies. Europe now has to make its own arrangements for its own security. Since World War II, America has always stood with Europe. Due to Washington’s support, Europe was also protected from Russia during the Cold War. But now European countries have to think about the defense budget, defense capabilities, and new security associations.
If Europe Union member countries and Norway consider NATO rule, then they will have to pay 2 percent of their GDP in NATO. This would mean that the defense budget will increase directly by 50 percent. Even if the forces of Europe are very effective, they will need a tremendous partnership. According to the report, Europe will have to work on this “mutual engagement and digital phase”. European countries will need a lot of money to fill this gap. More than two percent of the money invested in NATO to save Europe from external danger, the continent will have to improve its scattered defense industry.
Among the challenges, there are some relief things for Europe in the report. Experts believe that in some cases European countries are coming closer to each other. France and Germany have expressed their desire to build a new generation of fighter aircraft. French President Emanuele Macrons is the vocal supporter of the shared European military. The report also speaks of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement, “That time has passed when we were fully or largely dependent on others. We must take our future into our own hands.”
The report mentions traditional and non-traditional challenges in terms of moderate and international relations. The report says that climate change will be a major threat to the security of the countries. Referring to 2017, it has been said that the year was the hottest year, in which there have been many disasters like hurricanes, droughts, and floods.
This crisis can increase due to the separation of the US-Paris climate treaty. The report of the MSC says, “Climate change will affect the world’s economic, security and political systems.” In countries with limited capabilities, this will work to increase the risk multiplied. The poorest countries will be the worst hit.
Due to climate change and disputes since 2015, millions of people have come to Europe from Africa and Asia. Europe will have to create a new strategy for the Mediterranean. Problems in the interconnected world now face problems like ice cubes. In the beginning, it is small and with the progress, it becomes big and destructive. In the coming years, such problems will present the main challenge before the international community.
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