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Why are terrorist activities in Kashmir increasing, BJP policy failure or something else?

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Gagan Bhatt
Sanatan Dharma, Patriot. I write sometimes

There has been a hue and cry from the opposition and a certain number of our media houses about the increasing attacks, incursions on military camps in Kashmir after the BJP government came to power. Congress party is trying to prove that its policy of counter-terrorism was more effective and present government has failed badly. But reports that surfaced today suggests something else, which is being neglected by Indian Media.

A report of suggests that the US has put forward a motion to put Pakistan on global terrorist – financing watchlist, which would hurt Pakistan’s already stumbling economy. The US stance on Pakistan has been hard since Donald J. Trump joined the Whitehouse. The US has also suspended worth $2 Billion aid to Pakistan. which also shook Pakistan.

Pakistan, as we all know isn’t a very much vibrant economy and discontent in the people of Pakistan isn’t also a secret. many provinces of Pakistan are already struggling for freedom from Pakistan.

Due to growing discontent in public and falling economy, Pakistans best resort to distracting its people from the problems is to push forward the Anti-India narrative. Pakistan wouldn’t be shy even from starting a small scale conflict with India, which can turn in to a full-fledged war. Numbers of terrorist attacks and ceasefire violations from Pakistan has increased but not because of India’s lose policy, it is because of the falling economy of Pakistan and growing discontent.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stand about Pakistan has been very clear, that India isn’t going to give up to Pakistan’s threats. Prime Minister Modi on the other has been a favorite of all the Gulf Countries, which used to stand with Pakistan in previous Governments. The US leaving Pakistan and India’s increasing business with Gulf Countries and the welcome which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been receiving in Gulf Country has left Pakistan isolated and rattled.

To handle a rattled Pakistan India Army has been given a free hand to tackle Pakistan’s activities, maximum numbers of Terrorist leaders in Kashmir have been gunned down during this Government.
Numbers of terrorists gunned down in last years:

2012: 72 (UPA)
2013: 67 (UPA)
2014: 110 (NDA)
2015: 108 (NDA)
2016: 150 (NDA)
2017: 200 (NDA)
(Data Collected from various News websites.)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy has also been very effective so far in telling the world how Pakistan has been a haven for terrorism and harboring leaders of various terrorist organizations. Though data means a lot, only because the number of attacks is increasing is not a good reason to call NDA’s “No talk to Pakistan” stand a failure.

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Gagan Bhatt
Sanatan Dharma, Patriot. I write sometimes

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