‘Who am I?’: Writes a common man about India in Modi era

In this season of branding oneself and others ‘national’ ‘anti national ‘secular’ ‘Bhakt’ ‘liberal’ ‘pseudo intellectual’; I have a serious identity crisis.

I was appalled at what happened in 2002 in Gujarat but am also against the media trial and persecution of Modi for 13 years.

Dadri was horrifying but I don’t think my country is intolerant.

I empathize with Rohit Vemula but I question the logic of reservation.

I support freedom of speech but can’t tolerate ‘Hindustan ki Barbadi’ slogans.

I don’t eat beef but have no problem if u eat in front of me.

I am against the goons of Bajrang Dal but I denounce the saffron terror narrative.

I am against moral policing of Hindu Sena but I oppose proselytization by some Christian missionaries.

I hate Azam Khan and Owaisi but I equally despise Sakshi Maharaj and Pravin Togadia.

I believe in secular India but also believe Hinduism is the most tolerant faith.

I support decriminalization of gay sex but find glorification of gay sex as stupid.

I criticise Modi on FTII or shabby handling of JNU but I support him on digital India and Make In India.

I support Odd Even formula but criticize free water, free electricity.

I like the intellectual sophistication of NDTV but also enjoy the noise at Times Now and plain simple earthiness of Zee news.

I am against Hindu extremist lumpens but am equally against CPI goons and AAPtards.

I question the slow pace of reforms and parivartan promised by Modi but I don’t have visceral hatred for Modi and believe he is working hard for India.

I like Manohar Parrikar, Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari, Suresh Prabhu but I also like Sachin Pilot, Manish Sisodia, Jay Panda and Omar Abdulla.

I don’t question the loyalty of Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan but am against eulogizing Afzal Guru or Ishrat Jahan.

I don’t like the idea of national anthem playing in movie theatres but I support hoisting national flag in universities.

I support foreign visits of Modi but I criticise his silence on controversial domestic issues.

I am all for rational thinking and modernity but believe ancient Indian history is great and not all of it is mythology.

I pray but I party too.

I wear Tilak but enjoy tequila too.

I read 50 Shades Of Grey but everyday read Gita too.

I love AR Rahman’s Vande Matram but downloaded AIB roast too.

I love watching Ganga Aarti but am a fan of Sunny Leone too.

So who am I? A Bhakt, a liberal, a secular, a national, an anti- national, an infra Hindu, an ultra Hindu or all of this? A complicated Indian who is a bundle of contradictions and I guess I enjoy being Trishanku.

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