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What the ‘liberal’ media wont tell you about Justin Trudeau

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Freedom of press is often told to be in grave danger since 2014. Not sure how free was the press before. Presumably the fourth pillar of democracy is always under the impression that its very fragile and ready to crumble.

What we will see shortly is how strangely the Indian media behaves, self-censors and seldom indulge in non-informative opeds. when it comes to informing the citizens of this country about the shortcomings of a Liberal PM who is on his 7 day visit to India.

Recently Canadian PM is touring India. Justin Trudeau was already an eye-candy before the he won the race defeating the conservatives. Some liberals went to an extent to assume that the Ivanka was also drooling for the Canadian PM when they met and none of the feminist found it misogynist or to be in poor taste to say the least.

None the less his win inspired many liberals in India. Some hailed his cabinet choices and compared with Indian govt allocating the ministries. When a veteran Harjit Singh Sajjan took over the defence portfolio, this was seen as the ultimate resource allocation by many liberals. The style in which Trudeau come and deliver his speech, when he rolls up his sleeves before he speaks, probably resonated with many liberals here as there is also a supposedly youth leader who delivers his speeches in same manner.

Before we go further what I would like to point out is that when PM Modi made his maiden visit to US, the newspapers like Huff Post and NY Times carried many stories to ensure that the audience is aware of the shortcomings of the newly elected PM. Some of them are listed below:

Well the names quoted are nothing new. There was a very senior Indian Journalist who was asking highly opinionated questions to the crowd members assembled for PM’s first visit but ended by in a fist fight.

Compare that with oped, articles, or news about the Canadian PM visiting India. While many in Canada have picked up the sentiment that the Pm by not ‘breaking the protocol’ as he did for previous leaders of the state has showed his priorities and not treated the Canadian PM right. This sentiment has also been shared by many Indian Journalist.

Not one journalist wrote that the current Canadian PM is been castigated by Ethics Committee who found him in the violation of the norms. The Canadian PM accepted an expensive holiday at Billionaire’s Island owned by Aga Khan, a billionaire and leader of Ismaili Muslims.

The probe began in April-May 2017 and since then the PM has been dodging every possible opportunity to answer this question. This is a different issue that one case of Indian Justin is also probed by Lal Krishna Advani as a head of Ethics committee but seem to reach no conclusion. A lesson to learn for speedy investigation… probably yes.

The Canadian PM also gave $10.5 Million Canadian Dollars, with an apology to an Ex Terrorist ‘Omar Khadr’ in order to rehabilitate him. This guy has pleaded guilty of killing a soldier of Delta forces in 2012. Being a Canadian Citizen, Omar filled a lawsuit for over $20.0 Million but the PM was quick to make a settlement offer and issue an apology.

Liberals are not different anywhere. What differs is the scale. Liberals in India offered a sewing-machine to rehabilitate a dreaded criminal.

Lets also talked about the Justin as a great leader who knows the ultimate resource allocation which was displayed by his ministry allocation. The minister who was given the portfolio of Defense was ‘Harjit Sajjan’. This guy was hailed the architect of Operation Medusa, one of the bloodiest and most pivotal battles of the Afghan war in 2006. Men in uniform are known for their integrity, but very soon the Defense minister was accused of ‘Stolen Valor’. The PM stood by his minister’s side firmly in the initial days only to accept an apology from his minister in the house of commons. With such a breach of integrity, the PM dismissed this as a mistake from which the minister would learn.

Does this remind you of a CM who stood by his Law minister in the initial days of accusations, only to be proven wrong?

Men are often judged by the company they keep. The PM himself was found exaggerating about himself claiming to have thought pre-law to students about to graduate from high school in British Columbia, forgetting that he himself is not a Law Graduate. He seems to have little stints as bouncer, snow board instructor and a drama teacher.

Not answering the questions in Parliament, the Pm took it to the streets where he was attending small town halls. He made a joke out of a serious issue when he interrupted a female speaker for using the word ‘Mankind’ and asked her to use ‘People-Kind’ as it would sound inclusive. Such trivializing a serious issue was good enough to set twitter on fire.

Not to mention where he compared the immigration of  ISIS terrorist to immigration of Italian labor force in the past.

Does this remind you of a leader from opposition here who manages to trivialize any serious issue which are faced by the society with obnoxious comparison like women empowerment and wearing shorts? A leader who used to claim to be MPhil but not now?

The support of the Canadian PM to the community in Canada who calls for disintegration of India came under heavy criticism by Indian and Canadian observers.

On one hand the GOI is giving very strong signals to the Canadian PM after Indian PM raised this issue with Canadian PM in the side-lines of Davos and Punjab CM holding it ground in the interest of the Indian Nation, senior functionaries of INC are just dreaming of hugging the Canadian PM.

One of the spokespersons of INC who overwhelmingly talks about secularism, went to an extreme of praising Catholic values of the Canadian PM. Now this was to impress Canadian Justin or mother of Indian Justin, that’s for the readers to decide.

Both the Indian and Canadian Justins are children of ex-Prime Ministers, maybe that’s why the foot-soldiers of INC are seeing the mirror image of their leader in Canadian Justin. All that’s remaining now is to declare him as Shiv Bhakt, Janeu Dhari Justin.

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