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कनाडा का बवाल- जस्टिन ट्रूडो!

अपनी सत्ता को बनाये रखने के लिए इन्होंने "खालिस्तानी तुष्टिकरण" की नीति अपनाई और अपने देश को खालिस्तानी आतंकियों का सैरगाह बना दिया।

Trudeau’s Hobson’s choice – Canada India relations

If Canada or any other country would choose to do business with India in its old-fashioned ways, there will certainly be a “global response to global terror”. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has a Hobson’s choice on his hand.

Rejoinder: More gas than substance

The eminent journalist has not proved “Modi is more gas than substance” though he uses to write because he is a privileged columnist.

Justin Trudeau’s unwarranted support to Farmers protests, was made on behest of Khalistani secessionists?

One has to wonder why Canadian PM has to make these unwarranted statements and the underlying aspect is, his coalition government is hanging with the support of the New Democratic Party which is a socialist far left political party and its leader is none other than Khalistani supporter Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal.

कैनेडा में खालिस्तानी समर्थक पार्टियों के वोट गिरे, जगमीत सिंह की पार्टी को 45% सीटों का नुकसान

खालिस्तान से दूरी बनाने वाली कंजर्वेटिव पार्टी की सीटों में एक तिहाई का इजाफा. खालिस्तानी समर्थक जगमीत सिंह की पार्टी औंधे मुंह गिरी, 20 सीटों का नुकसान

AAP in parallel with 70s Congress: Ambers of Khalistan

AAP is as dangerous as Congress for the integrity of the country.

Modi stood with ‘Punjab Ka Kaptan’ but Congress wanted to hug ‘Canada Ka Rahul Gandhi’

Since his arrival, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has been in news for all wrong reasons except his son who recently became social media obsession....

What the ‘liberal’ media wont tell you about Justin Trudeau

Not quite the lovely hero that he is made out to be.

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