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Justin Trudeau’s unwarranted support to Farmers protests, was made on behest of Khalistani secessionists?

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Author is a Researcher in Geo politics, current affairs, History and Law at Center for South Asian and Empirical Research.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted Canadian Punjabi community on Guru Nanak Jayanti and as well expressed concerns with the ongoing Snafu with the Farmers protests in India saying Canada will be with the Farmers. Breaking all the diplomatic protocols and relationships, a Foreign Prime Minister meddling into the Indian Affairs was regarded by the Indian Government as apprehensive and hit back Canadian Prime Minister Ill-informed and unwarranted.

One has to wonder why Canadian Prime Minister has to make these unwarranted statements and the underlying aspect is, his coalition government is hanging with the support of the New Democratic Party which is a socialist far left political party and its leader is none other than Khalistani supporter Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal. Prime Minister Trudeau’s 2018 visit to India was marred with controversy for inviting a noted convicted Khalistani terrorist Japal Atwal for the dinner reception. Indian Government raised objections for this event. His eight day trip was more of appeasing Punjabi community for garnering votes than the objectives of bilateral discussions.

Overall, It was a disaster 8 day trip with a cold shoulder snub by Indian authorities. On the contrary, For his support to farmers, Trudeau raised the MSP for five pulses in the World Trade Organization. While it is interesting to observe that Canadian Farmers are free to sell their produce to any company or business of their choice, the same liberty, he doesn’t want for Indian farmers.

Justin Trudeau’s Labor Party lost the majority in the Oct 2019 election and formed a coalition government with the only natural ally New Democratic party (NDP) and won the trust vote in the parliament making it a far left liberal socialist government. Interestingly, the leader of NDP is Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal who is a member of parliament in the House of Commons. He was born to immigrant Indian Parents. He was involved in numerous fundraiser events for Pro Khalistan activities aimed to malign India’s image. Not limited to this but his involvement in the Pro Khalistan rally in San Francisco USA in 2015 and as well supported the terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. However, Mr. Dhaliwal was denied an India visa in 2013 by the then UPA Government for his Anti India activities abroad. Apart from that his vocal support for a separate Khalistan and openly declared he will attend all the separatist events of Khalistan. Mr.Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal was expelled for a day from the House of Commons for his erratic comment at his fellow Bloc Party Member as Racist. Taking advantage of the ongoing farmers protest, his party members have openly supported the farmers’ protests on the lines of Khalistan agenda.

The Separatist movement in Canada has snowballed recently to declare a referendum 2020 by Sikhs for justice. Sikhs for Justice is a secessionist organization headquartered in NewYork and supported both Joe Biden for Presidency and as well Canadian Government. In fact, Sikhs for Justice offered a 1Million Dollar financial support for the ongoing Farmers protest in Delhi. Although Sikhs for Justice was banned by Indian Government in 2019, for alleged Anti India activities, its sister organization “ Organization for Minorities of India” (OFMI) is an active organization which is under watch by Indian Intelligence for its anti India activities and as well its founderBhajan Singh Bhinder was was the subject of an undercover US customs red handedly caught with purchasing of C-4 plastic explosives, M-16s, AK-47s, grenade and rocket launchers, and Stinger missiles in support of the Khalistan terrorist movement in India. 

The ongoing farmers protests in India witnessed several Khalistani secessionist members like Deep Singh who is an actor openly supporting terrorist Bhindranwale and glorifying him in the name of farmers protest is an eye opener for Indian Government and millions of Indians are waiting to see the response from Punjab Chief Minister Capt.Amarinder Singh’s response on  Trudeau Statement and the rampant secessionist movement in Punjab. Apparently, Congress Party and in specific Gandhi dynasty remained silent on Secessionists who once crushed the Khalistan movement with iron fist.

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Author is a Researcher in Geo politics, current affairs, History and Law at Center for South Asian and Empirical Research.

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