Modi stood with ‘Punjab Ka Kaptan’ but Congress wanted to hug ‘Canada Ka Rahul Gandhi’

Since his arrival, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has been in news for all wrong reasons except his son who recently became social media obsession. Hadrien Trudeau who has been put in race against Taimur by imprudent and cretin Twitterati.

PM Modi famous for receiving the head of states like Benjamon Netanyahu and Shizo Abe in his own warm style, often by breaking protocols. He was missing and blue- eyed Trudeau was received my MoS for agriculture, despite India and Canada share important strategic relation in terms of free trade. This aloof hospitality and reception continued in Agra, he visited Taj Mahal escorted by district magistrate and commissioner. Here, Uttar Pardesh CM Yogi Adityanath followed PM Modi and snubbed Justin Trudeau. PM Modi was delivering message in coherent and straightforward manner, no room for “Separatist Sympathizer” and it is award for disrespecting our “Punjab Ka Kaptan CM Captain (Retd.)Amrinder Singh” (Punjab Ka Kaptan was campaign launched during Punjab Assembly election).

Justin Trudeau turned down the traditional custom of meeting Punjab CM on Amritsar visit which is schedule for 21st of the month. Trudeau purposely behaved to defend his image of “Pro-Khalisatani Critic” and maintain distance from Captain Amrinder Singh, who has been vocal in antinomy for encouraging such movement and accused Trudeau to be negligent. It’s clean that such miscreants are getting space in Canada and regularly targeting India. Some of the past incidence of holding Indian official from entering Gurudwara or passing of resolution to acknowledge Anti-Sikh riot as genocide by pro-khalistan legislature inducted in Trudeau cabinet.

But in such circumstance, silent Congress turned paradoxical with whim to hug Justin Trudeau. Divya Spandana tweets: “I’d give him a hug!! India loves @JustinTrudeau”

Divya Spandana head of INC social media cell, responsible for image makeover deceit through efficient and effective use of “bots” and “fake accounts”. And similar reaction same from Sanjay Jha in scoot to welcome Trudeau and he Tweets “Welcome PM @JustinTrudeau to India; easily the epitome of progressive liberalism whose ecumenical, catholic approach to a world increasingly ruptured by religious divisiveness and parochial politics is such a welcome relief”.

In such context, our Honourable PM sensed correctly that opposition is going against country, to oppose PM Narendra Modi. This backlash could further explain the discontent in INC against Captain Amrinder Singh. Recently, his name has been dropped from newly formed steering committee which has past regular CWC members. Possibly because present CM of Punjab was aggressive during Punjab assembly election and forced INC to announce him as CM candidate reluctantly. And offered little room and authority to present INC president in functioning.

Nevertheless, the strong signal by honourable PM Narendra Modi has communicated Canadian PM Justin Trudeau the message. And he has proved that national interest for him is above party politics.

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