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Way to institutionalize the Right-Wing thought in India

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Recently I listened the speech given by MEA (Mos), M.J. Akbar on Triple Talaq issue in Parliament. It was logical, fact-based, engaging, argumentative and delivered with a lot of calm and composure. And it gave me insight about; the elements which Right wing thought in India is missing. As it usually falls in trap of left led liberal propaganda and gave them space to raise their voice.

So, I identified a few points to strengthen the right wing thought in India and proliferate it to grass-root level. First thing, Every right-wing supporter already knows the hypocrisy of left intellectuals and liberals with divisive agenda. How they select the issues and twist that as per their agenda and ideology. Like they have recently shifted their focus from religion to caste after getting some dividend in Gujarat elections.

So, every right-wing supporter should capitalize on hypocrisy. Expose them in public debates. Like a lot of smart-trolls do on social media. They bring out the contradictions of left liberals and expose their divisive political agenda.
Secondly, bring back the speeches of their ideological idols like Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and how they projected contradictory thoughts at multiple times. Like our prime-minister Modi usually does in his several speeches given in parliament and election-rallies. Even M.J. Akbar used this same method, by quoting Nehru on Triple Talaq in parliament and opposition had no counter on it.

Thirdly, post 2014, BJP has changed the discourse of Indian politics. It has created a new class of no-nonsense nationalists. Now its imperative for right wing intelligentsia to spread the logical, rational and argumentative thought to these nationalists, to institutionalize this thought and does not remain like 5 year election phenomenon.

Problem with Right-wing intellectuals is that, many of them follow western model of right thought, which is inconsistent with Indian society. They should not find coherence in politics and economy and zero-sum approach in foreign policy; and counter the government on every issue.

Has any one thought, why some left leaning youth leaders have became famous but not a single leader from ABVP-India’s largest student organisation with pan-India presence? Yes, their anti-India agenda with left backing was the major force. But the other factor, I noticed was the presentation of thought in national media and over social media-although that thought was nothing more than divisive propaganda and hate-speeches.

But I have not found a single ABPV leader or BJYM leader speaking so fearlessly in media. Even not able to expose their false narratives and propaganda with sane and rational arguments. BJYM has become the launchpad for son/daughters of BJP senior leaders; And the right-leaning think-tanks have become elitist club only accommodating the UK/USA return management graduates as like Congress. And so-called famous representatives of Rightist thought (social-celebs) are also behaving like left intellectuals with no ground connect.

Finally, Politics is also a “battle of perception”. And left and congress have been able to spread negativity about present government failures on rural development. But the truth is that; any sane political analyst can say that Government has been more pro-poor and has designed many policies which will ultimately change the fate of rural regions and our agriculture based economy. But this thought has not reached to the grass-root levels and creating the perception of rural/urban divide; which was leveraged by opposition in Gujarat elections.

Countering the false narrative of left wingers and strive for own agenda is good. But spreading the agenda to the masses is more important than that. And strengthening the grass-root Right-wing supporters should be the priority if right-wing really wants to create an alternative discourse and institutionalize their thought in masses.

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