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Did India really make a diplomatic blunder by voting against US on Palestine issue?

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There are pros and cons of this decision.


  • India has successfully impressed Iran and Iran will not think twice to allow Indian interference in Chabahar Port. Chabahar Port is very important route for India to reach Afghanistan and furthur countries via road bypassing Pakistan, as well as it is a wonderful counter of CPEC. China and Pakistan are alleged to be secretly building a naval base in Gwadar too, with this port, India can keep a close eye on their activities. The picture  below perfectly defines why Iran and Chabahar Port is important for India.
  • Apart from this, relations with Middle East nations are important. No doubt they are biggest hypocrites and Anti-India, we cannot piss them off. Reason being, a lot of Indians work in these countries, and obviously we need Crude Oil and Petroleum.
  • We cannot piss Russians, by becoming the only country supporting USA in United Nations.
  • There is a saying, never trust America. American foreign policy is based on hypocrisy, they will not think twice to betray India when they can get a better deal. The biggest reason USA is becoming Anti-Pakistan for India, is because Pakistan is puppet of China, and India is considered as a counter of growing Chinese influence whole over the world and America is in direct competition with China.


  • Being against Trump will definitely have some consenquences. That dude is simply unpredictable.
  • Israel is one of the countries, which has been Pro-India since its existence and is one of the few countries which India can trust. Going against them can be a mistake.
  • India and Israel shares wonderful relationships in all sectors, and Israel is providing a lot of innovative technology to India like desalination (turning ocean water drinkable).

According to me, India actually did a blunder voting against Israel. We should have abstained from voting, keeping both sides happy. Now India has taken a side which may prove to be dangerous afterwards.

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