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From Tehran to New Delhi- An enigma of interests

Tehran may turn to be a vital strategic partner or a liability or even a threat in the long run.

Modi’s Middle East Policy is a huge success

Though Pakistan’s remarks were harsh and uncharitable, the summit's Abu Dhabi Declaration remained silent on Kashmir, unlike the previous year which is a sign of success.

India’s Afghan conundrum

Peace talks is certainly a welcome change but it also poses challenge for India as it goes against the pillars on which New Delhi's Afghanistan policy is based upon.

Why Iran is important for India

Chabahar port will be beneficial not for only India but also for Afghanistan.

China is expanding its way in South Asia

Chinese presence in Sri Lanka is no hidden thing. Between 2005-17, Beijing has invested $ 15 billion in projects in Sri Lanka over a period of 12 years.

Did India really make a diplomatic blunder by voting against US on Palestine issue?

We should have abstained from voting, keeping both sides happy. Now India has taken a side which may prove to be dangerous afterwards.

Chabahar: India’s strategic gateway to Central Asia and challenges

The report throws light on development of Chabahar port, its importance and challenges against this new Indo - Afghan trade route.

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