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India China relation

China makes inroads into Taiwan again- What does this Imply for India?

It is imperative that India streamlines her geopolitical stature, in the South East Asian region to fruitfully deal with the Chinese threat.

India: A geopolitical and a geostrategic player?

In the last thirty or forty years, there has been a power shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific region, led by China in particular.

Necklace of diamonds vs string of pearls : India-China standoff

"Necklace of Diamonds" strategy a phrase first used by India's former foreign secretary Lalit Mansingh while speaking at a think tank in August 2011. Basically India's "necklace of diamonds" strategy is a counter to China's "String of pearls" so at the core of understanding what is necklace of diamonds strategy we first have to understand China's string of pearls strategy.

Towards a new world order

The tussle between Eagle, Dragon, Tiger and Bear known as world diplomacy. And the new world order establishing with time. Anaconda is the world's largest...

India’s balancing act: Improved foreign relations in India’s interest is visible

India has slowly but surely managed to bring Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives to behave after short lived and unsuccessful attempts to play off India against China. India has enough levers in Nepal and Bhutan to keep China's influence under check.

“Long way home”: Should India be more prudent on overseas investments?

From a policy perspective, India’s investments should be aimed at more plausible destinations and Bangladesh, in the current political economic sphere, is the more suitable than any other country.

Dragon and the elephant – An Indian’s fervent dream

A nation with an operating air force not pressing it into action when threatened by Mao's homicidal hordes can only be answered by the ghosts of traitors who made that call along with their apologists who are trying to hold the crumbling facade of lies and deceit.

Secrets of India-China dis-engagement at LAC

What is happening with China India at border: Read here.

How India outplayed China in Nepal?

China uses the strategy of "Borrow the knife to kill" in India's neighborhood

Referendum in Kashmir: Choice of Pakistan and China

In 1947, when Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir signed the Instrument of Accession, he stated that after the war is over and Jammu and...

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