Hindu Swabhimaan Diwas

December 06, 1992 to 2017. 25 long years and Ram Lalla is still resting under a polythene tent. Waiting. For his sons and daughters, of all colors, castes and regions, to unite and build him a respectable home.

A lot has happened in these 25 years. A Chief Minister who used the state might to murder karsevaks is decimated and is fighting his DNA for political relevance. A saffron clad Mahant is today the leader of that very state. A politician who complained to foreign governments about “Hindu” terrorism and labelled temple going Hindus as stalkers and sexual assaulters is today scrambling to convert himself to a “Janaeudhari” Hindu. A party which took pride that it’s workers publicly slaughtered a cow is bending over backwards to appease the Hindus in a state where it had once celebrated the brutal murder of karsevaks in a train compartment by Jihadi terrorists.

A lot has changed in India. But it all began on that day, December 06, 1992, when Hindus proudly proclaimed that they will no longer be silenced in the name of preserving the Nehruvian secularism and liberalism. That day was the beginning of a march to reclaim the self-respect of a 7000+ year old civilization that had repeatedly been humiliated by foreign barbarians and invaders. It is only appropriate that the day is celebrated as Hindu self-respect day, the Hindu Swabhimaan Diwas.

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