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Agenda cum propaganda first, nation second

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The recent trend of nation bashing in the garb of FOE is nothing but, an attempt to rage the blood pressure to those who do not subscribe to such shallow thought patterns of the so called fake liberals.

Now-a-days, we see in news, etc that some section of students (who are basically middle aged individuals) from a couple of universities across the country speak against their country. While doing so the elderly students tend to forget the supreme sacrifice of our armed forces who protect us 24X7 as well as the hardships of the our Freedom fighters who fought with foreign rulers/invaders without any vested self interest and without any hankering for wielding power.

They had only one vision with themselves i.e., to establish the lost dignity of their motherland and also to reinforce the idea of nationalism which was wiped out due to the almost 800 yrs of uninterrupted foreign rule which in turn ravaged and looted our beloved country from its acute riches and unimaginable opulence.

The need of the hour is to instill the feeling of pure love for our nation. Our country is still recovering from the last 800 yrs of repeated exploitation and humiliation. We have received our independence just 7 decades back and we still have to go miles before we sleep.

At this delicate juncture of time the concept of nationalism is far more appreciable than the concept of patriotism as, the latter is the expression of emotion of love towards one’s country in a passive way whereas nationalism is a theme which revolves around the love & concern for independence,interests and domination of a nation in an active political way.

The young generation of India should strive hard to find out the causes they strongly believe in, the issues that affect their country today and the most important problems that our nation is facing these days. They must learn about our country’s foreign policy as to how our country relates to the world, the role our country plays in its region and side by side the role today’s youngsters can play to bring back the nation’s old glory.


Our motherland is hopeful that her dignity and authority are in safe hands now. We are proud of upcoming generation who can distinguish between the fake narratives of fake liberals and who can put their country on the fast track of development & modernisation.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

Hena Prasun, Mumbai.

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