Shehla Rashid got educated, not in JNU though

Yesterday evening was a regular evening on twitter, tweeps were busy with getting RTs. Suddenly at around 9:13 separatist supporter @Shehla_rashid came up with a series of tweets blaming BJP/RSS of abusing and threatening women on Internet:

Well this series of tweets was mere frustrated rant because neither she provided any evidence, nor she was targeted for any stupidity recently. So I wondered what has triggered her? Then I found out reason behind her outrage, on 14th November people decided to speak truth about Jawahar Lal Nehru and that truth was not the one we were forced to read in history books. This hurt many liberals and twitter warriors (Paid by congress/AAP) badly.

But as time and again, twitter once again took responsibility and taught Shehla about reality. This twitter user told her about respect and power BJP has provided to women in party

Another twitter user showed her what happens to woman in a party which is so close to Shehla

This was just the beginning, twitter was not ready to let her go without providing complete knowledge.

While Shehla is still living in her anti-Indian dream world, my small advice will be better read before making a powerful statement. Stupidity can’t get discounted as FoE.

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