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List of potential candidates who can replace Vishal Sikka as Chairman of Infosys

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Now that Vishal Sikka has left Infosys for good and the company will soon start looking for a new CEO, several names have been doing the rounds.

Even we at Myvoice Opindia decided to research and came up with our list of potential candidates to replace Vishal Sikka as CEO.

Here are the list of Candidates:

Arvind Kejriwal:

With the current business model of Infosys no longer a growth driver, the company needs someone who can shake up the employees out of their slumber and change their mindset. Infosys needs to switch from its sluggish technology giant culture to a nimble startup culture. Arvind Kejriwal fits the bill perfectly as he been successful with his startup AAP and in just a span of 5 years eclipsed giants Congress and BJP in Delhi.

In this fast changing world of technology, you cannot take emotional decisions but you must take quick decisions to replace people so that the company survives and grows. Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Shazia Ilmi, Vinod Kumar Binny, Captain Gopinath, Medha Patkar, Ashwini Upadhyay, Madhu Bhaduri, Anjali Damani, the list of people who quit or were expelled from the AAP in its short duration of existence shows that Avind Kejriwal is not afraid to make changes in the organization as the situation demands.

Arvind Kejriwal is so honest that Narayan Murthy will not dare to question him on corporate governance and the company will be able to run smoothly without interference from founders. If Murthy still interferes, Kejriwal can do a dharna inside the Infosys campus saying that Narayan Murthy does not allow him to work. If things go out of hand, Ashutosh can always ask Naryanan Murthy for his degree certificates.

Rahul Gandhi:

The Infosys promoters have taken back the control of the company and Nandan Nilekani is back as Non-Executive Chairman. So, the new CEO will have to enjoy the confidence of the board. Nandan Nilekani enjoys a good working relationship with Rahul Gandhi. He once said about Rahul Gandhi:

“Rahul Gandhi’s ideas are revolutionary. He is an agent of change and has brilliant ideas,”

This is want Infosys needs at this juncture.

Nandan Nilekani also said that he wanted to partner Rahul in making that change happen. So, now is the time.

Infosys does not need incremental changes at this juncture but a change with the escape velocity of Jupiter and there is only one person who can deliver it.

This decision of Infosys can turn the bad press of the last few months into good press as journalists clamor to justify every move of Rahul Gandhi as CEO.

Rajdeep Sardesai

IT professionals sadly are still living in their make believe world and have not realized how much technology, automation and social media will impact them in the future. So the best person to lead them is a person who has already faced the onslaught of new age media and technology. As a journalist who was held in high esteem before the advent of social media to now being mocked for his creative reporting, he truly has experienced the change and can use it to shake employees out of their slumber.

He understands the problems of the tyranny of distance well and will use his experience to bridge this tyranny of distance between his onshore clients and offshore employees and bring both on the same page.

With his moral compass, Narayan Murthy will no longer have to worry about corporate governance.

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