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A new superpower- A new India Britain Union (IBU) should occur with these territories

A new superpower- A new India Britain Union (IBU) should occur with these territories- Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka! Why India and Britain should unite as equals!

India’s penchant for Gold and its economic impacts

Nearly 10% of our import bill is spent every year on purchasing gold which results in a huge outflow of foreign exchange from India.

Reinventing 21st century leadership

A workplace where people feels valued and respected and secure. Numbers can provide us a target or goal to aim at, missing it should not be the end of the game since business unlike cricket or football does not end on time, its purpose is continuation and continual improvement.

When you lose your bread earners

National interest should always get precedence over anything which isn’t paramount to the existence of the idea of nation state itself. It’s not new to us.

Can one virus inspire dozens?

Human being sniffs business even from a dead-body. COVID-19 is proved to be the exactly that way.

Will India decide the success of the Commonwealth?

Many people believe that if the role of emerging economies increases, that this group can achieve value for themselves.

How Modi Government increased its share in global cell phone manufacturing

Annual production of mobile phones in India increased from 3 million units in 2014 to 11 million units in 2017

Jio: Was the risk as risky as being said?

Jio is here to stay and turnaround the market as expected

Textile Industry and Policy in India

The significance of the textile industry in India cannot be overlooked or dismissed

Which type of Entrepreneur are you?

Broadly there are five types of entrepreneurs. Which one suits you or you want to be?

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