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Can one virus inspire dozens?

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By now, all of us know that one virus can infect dozens. But, is it also true that it can inspire dozens? Let’s find out.

As the nation-wide lock-down to halt the contagion enters into its 17th day today, some truly inspirational stories have started shaping the narrative of Indian economy. Having gone crazy with boredom, youngsters have come up with multiple ways of making bucks and dealing with the cabin fever. Some have joined hands with e-learning portals to provide assistance to school-goers and those preparing for competitive exams, while others are simply busy in philanthropic deeds like feeding the poor and the needy ones. On one hand where textile firms have pitched in to help the healthcare professionals cope up with the shortage of PPE, dominant players in the brewery industry are doing their bit by maintaining the supply of much-needed hand-sanitizers. By all means, the above examples prove that businesses have anticipated the threat of insolvency and therefore preparing to adjust themselves to the inescapable vicissitudes of the economy, which, as of now, shows no signs of restoration to normalcy.

I know this wasn’t inspiring enough as we human beings always yearn for more. So, the best is yet to come.

The vacuum created after imposition of industrial shut-down has provided opportunities for operations in the underground market to flourish. In an attempt to make fast bucks, local firms are resorting to black-marketing of hand-sanitizers. Reports of incidents related to cyber-crime have also started pouring in. If sources are to be trusted, hackers are keeping an eye on the systems of hospitals and health care centers. In the worst case scenario, an email containing a link to access COVID-19 related information could be received and clicking on that link (unknowingly or out of curiosity) would transfer the control of these systems to the hackers, who would then demand a huge ransom. This is truly ‘inspiring’, isn’t it?

However, as this wave of inspiration continues to send ripples across the economy, it is heartening to see that Corona warriors have not just secured the front doors, but have also been successful in containing the consequences through the backdoor. After all, nobody wants to cut a sorry figure at the end of the day.

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