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When you lose your bread earners

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If a family loses its bread earners, then doom falls upon them until the task is taken up by someone else which is a long transition period and sometimes irrecoverable. Therefore, the most effective lethal way to go after your enemy is to go for its bread earners. Today’s war isn’t going to be conventional and that’s everyone’s common knowledge these days. There are many ways which are in development to be used for undermining and crippling your enemy or simply just your competitor. Against the nation state, the most potent one is the capture and manipulation of the current narrative on very sensitive issues which can have ripple effects over many domains in a impact-full manner. These incidents, mostly the likes of rapes and lynching, over a period of time are emphasized and made to keep on the general public’s attention (Please do watch the movie Nightcrawler for better visualization of this). The repeated focus and emphasize of similar events over a period of small time frame can have deep ideological impact permanently on general unsuspecting public.

The public doesn’t have the bandwidth or the time to go through the nuances and find out what actually is going on. It’s not in any way viable for any person who is in most probabilistic way busy going about his daily business or after his aspirations. He is also kept busy by the constant fight to manage time between either his personal or his livelihood duties so to chase an issue or its similarities and their timelines to connect the dots, if there are any lines connecting them, is almost impossible and that’s fine.

Unfortunately, it’s the job of the media to keep the people Informed and to steer the discussions and its nuances towards the real issues concerning their interests and the interests of their nation or society but it’s hardly the way it should be. I always tell my friends that there is always a huge gap between what should happen and what really happens and to understand that, is kind of maturity these days. In the case of media, we have come to such a point that it’s hard to distinguish the PR Ad or the fake news from the news. I intentionally did not use the term real news, as news is by definition is news and nothing more or less. The social media does help sometimes but it has its own issues and limitations. The narrative setting and keeping it alive in people’s mind for a sustained period, is a tremendous task but if you have like minded people and the cash to support it, then it’s just a piece of cake.

Among all the dynamic things happening in and around us, we tend to forget the core things that fundamentally runs the nations and sustains them. You might have heard about the two greatest Generals of Russia(USSR) in the context of 2nd world war but it is oftentimes said that the four great generals of USA are General Atomics, General Dynamics, General Motors and General Electric and they helped USA rise to the stature of what it is today or may be yesterday. Now, in a war if you have defeated the Generals or their morale then you have already won the war and it’s just a matter of time before the whole nation buckles, by the way we are not talking about invasions here of yesteryear’s. The Generals are the prime assets of your enemy and that’s why they are your prime targets. In any direct conflict, if any nation feels that the General or prime assets are vulnerable to attack, the nation will go any length to protect them.

But what happens when the nation’s own people thinks that the Generals are their greatest enemy. Now this is the sweetest situation for you. This is what you want, so that the nations morale to protect their Generals weakens. Slowly you realize that you don’t even need to attack, and your job will be done perhaps with more brutality by their own people. There is a huge catch here and that is, how would you convince a nations simple and innocent public to become the blood thirsty for their own generals. That’s your prime objective.

If you have any confusion and have reservations that this seems theoretical then go through the recent history and see the rise and fall of the organizations and their impacts on the nations. We recently closed down TATA Nano Plant (Although it was shifted later but It delayed it to failure), Tuticorin Plant (India in importing copper for the first time in 20* years), Kingfisher Airlines, Modi Diamond brand, and many such examples are staring at our face but we tend to be skeptical about the possibilities of a trend here.

We have the capacity of creating huge brands which are capable of giving competition to the international ones in their own turfs. It doesn’t bother the global giants when you are big in your own country and not hampering their dominance worldwide but when you do, it’s game on and in full swing even before you know it, and it’s logical too. They will do anything in their capacity and sometimes beyond, by virtue of getting help from state actors to fulfill their mission. It’s where we lack tremendously. The state has powers and capacities which any firm with huge loads of money sometimes may not be able to gather, specially in the time of their needs and time is one of the most crucial factors in this game and Tata Nano is one of the best example in this regard.

It’s a constant fight and no matter which government is in power; the country’s power projection in the world sphere is to be a continuation of policy frameworks which should be sacrosanct. In short, National interest should always get precedence over anything which isn’t paramount to the existence of the idea of nation state itself. It’s not new to us.

As a nation, as our historical traditions show, we have had always varying levels of loyalties towards different parts, sections and organizations in our society, which had hierarchical systems and also our loyalties had importance and precedents as per the individuals, how we chose and decided which one to give precedence to, has created our social traditions, which evolved with time but it always had and will have the same underlying principles bounding them from time immemorial and they clearly show that the nation always was above all and its best described from The famous line “Janani Janmabhumichya swargyadwapi gariashi” in Ramayana uttered by Ram when Lanka, the land of gold, was offered to be ruled by him, after he conquered it.

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