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Will India decide the success of the Commonwealth?

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Rohit Dhyani
Rohit Dhyani
Media maven, creative thinker, traveler, foodie, independent-minded person, non-conformist, free-spirited. Observer, Explorer, Senior Correspondent, Writer, Nature Lover.
Commonwealth was started after the rise of colonial Britain from the world. Once the clock closes outside the European Union, its importance has increased for Britain once again. But will the world value umpire 2.0?
Nearly one-third of the world’s population lives in 53 countries of the Commonwealth. Its purpose is to work for democracy, stability, security, and prosperity in member countries. Commonwealth members do more business with each other and they are also involved in other groups where they have more share. If only for the UK itself, the Commonwealth countries share 8-9% of its exports, but about 44% of the European Union.
Now that the UK will be out of the European Union, then the need for Commonwealth can be considered. This is the first time in the last 20 years that when the UK is hosting the conference of Commonwealth Nations heads, many people are also adding it to the Brexit, although this issue is not included in the agenda of Commonwealth meeting.
Experts are debating whether Commonwealth will meet Britain’s expectations. There is not much enthusiasm in its member countries. Many countries consider Britain’s colonial past to be part of it too. In the colonial era, there is a reluctance about those who have suffered slavery in the colonial period, they think why they once again work under the leadership of that country.  However, there is a fact that the mutual business of these countries is about 800 billion US dollars. Commonwealth member countries have the freedom to trade freely among themselves and the countries take advantage of each other’s resources.
Many people believe that if the role of emerging economies increases, then this group can achieve value for themselves. Partnership with fast-growing economies like India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada can make it successful. Britain may also have some idea of it.
India has given special significance at this meeting. The invitation of Indian Prime Minister to join the meeting itself was sent by the Queen to Prince Charles. Not only this, Narendra Modi is the only leader with whom Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has a bilateral dialogue. Many experts also believe that if the Commonwealth is to be filled with energy than countries like India will have to face a decisive role. If the Commonwealth is to be successful, then India will have to play a bigger role in it. India is emerging in  economies and at this time its success cannot be considered without it.”
The Commonwealth is traditionally led by the Queen of Britain, and now that she has been 92 years old, there is also a thought of her successor. The problem of the Commonwealth is that in the past seven decades, it did not get as much importance as possible in the international business world. India itself does not have much interest in itself. The country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had certainly shown interest in it, and considering Pakistan’s presence in it, he considered it necessary, but later Prime Ministers did not pay much attention to it. At present, when India looks restless to increase its role at the international level, it is possible that Britain’s initiative will make it more active in this group, but it will also have problems. It will be difficult for many countries to cope up with India’s growing role, Pakistan can be the biggest example of this.
The Commonwealth countries have a similarity in the administration, and all these countries speak English too. For these reasons, business is easy for them. Although these countries have links to the European Union and other business groups themselves, and there may be a problem for them after the Brexit. There are many countries of Commonwealth like Mauritius, Saint Lucia, Botswana who do business with the EU through the UK. London has been playing the role of the gate for them but now all this will change. It will also have an impact on Indian companies. Many changes will depend on that will take place after Britain’s exit from the European Union. The relations of other countries will also change from the European Union due to Brexit. Britain has tried to negotiate directly with India but India and other countries have said that they should outline their relationship for the first time from the European Union. There is also a bit of confusion for Britain too.
For the success of the Commonwealth, there is a great improvement in it. The world’s attention will go towards the Commonwealth when it will come out with a comprehensive reform of its new agenda. Experts believe that the needs of this time are different and according to them, this organization will have to make changes. India and other emerging economies can give it a new direction.
How expensive will the Brexit be? Both sides have the time until March 2019 to finalize Britain’s EU-related conditions. There is a question about the future of three million Europeans living in Britain.
  • In the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) 62,000 people work in EU countries. Most foreign workers have begun to leave Britain According to UK lawmakers, without these employees the NHS will be stalled within 24 hours.
  • 90 percent of veterinarians working in the UK come from 27 countries of the European Union. Now, these people are also preparing to return from Britain.
  • So far, skilled workers from different countries of the European Union have worked in UK farms. 65 percent of the employees came from the EU. But due to breakage, these employees will not be available anymore.
  • Many European products will be expensive in the UK as soon as the breakage is implemented. Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, processed food and wine will also be expensive if going out of the single tax market.
  • The British economy is set to get billions of pounds. Now the UK is exploring new markets, but in countries like India, China, and South Africa, there is already a lot of goodness in the European Union.

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Rohit Dhyani
Rohit Dhyani
Media maven, creative thinker, traveler, foodie, independent-minded person, non-conformist, free-spirited. Observer, Explorer, Senior Correspondent, Writer, Nature Lover.
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