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The impact of EU carbon tax on Indian exports of steel, iron ore, and cement

The EU's carbon tax policy is designed to address climate change by levying charges on imports based on their carbon footprint.

Is Hungary on its out of European Union?

Hungary could choose to move out of the Euro-group but it will be impractical decision. Going closer to Beijing will lead to Budapest getting trapped in China's debt-trap diplomacy.

You’re a bully, Mr. Putin

Hindus don't hate Muslims as I said, they hate the ideologies which harm them, to assure peace, communities have to come together and talk, there must be compromises, from both sides, and Hindus are majority should be understood and some respect not all, but some should be given to the people.

Towards a sustainable peace in eastern Europe

Despite Russian denials, it was becoming increasingly obvious what Russia really wanted as its troops surged because Russia had invaded Ukraine in 2014 and seized its territory. Now, eight years later, Russia may be looking to consolidate its earlier gains.

Dereliction of fourth estate?

Will the Fourth Estate uphold its solemn responsibility bestowed upon it by Us the People, or will it continue with blatant dereliction of its duties by turning a blind eye to the horrors of Taliban remains to be seen.

Will India decide the success of the Commonwealth?

Many people believe that if the role of emerging economies increases, that this group can achieve value for themselves.

Europe: Shrinking economies and expanding terrorism

Radical Islamic terror and sluggish economies of European countries make Europe to stoop at its lowest.

Britain’s hard Brexit strategy: Unraveling of the European Union?

Brexit will have negative consequences only in the short term. Brexit is a trade dispute between the UK and the EU. Projecting this as a global trade malaise is an exaggeration.

Refugee Crisis in Hungary

Hungary has the history of defending itself for centuries from the Islamic horde especially the Turk.

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