Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Is Hungary on its out of European Union?

Hungary could choose to move out of the Euro-group but it will be impractical decision. Going closer to Beijing will lead to Budapest getting trapped in China's debt-trap diplomacy.

Germany and Japan: Pacifism to re-militarization

Germany and Japan: End of Era of Pacifism

Is world order moving towards post-US hegemony era?

End of US hegemony Russia's invasion of Ukraine policy in the Eastern Europe region, China's growing influence on the global level & the same time capitol attack, and...

Russia-India-China: Strategic triangle

India and China's support of Russia in the Ukraine crisis and maintenance of strong relations are aimed at gaining 'strategic leverage' at the global level.

Will Russia invade Moldova after Ukraine?

Russia's Invasion of Moldova does not seem inevitable provided diplomatic negotiations between Nato and Russia occur.

China debt trap diplomacy- Pan continental

The term "debt-trap diplomacy" means a creditor country extends huge sums of debts to borrowing nations to increase lenders' political leverage and to exploit geostrategic interests. It was coined by Indian columnist 'Brahma chellaney'.

NATO collapse coming closer

The sudden collapse of NATO without proper militarization of western Europe will be a 'gift in a decade' for Russia as it aims to revive its prowess in Europe.

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